A Gentle Unfolding


Hello and welcome to my first post! I’ll be sharing my adventures in Lenormand versus Tarot, Tarot and oracle cards, and the intersection of Tarot and astrology. I would love to connect with other Tarot readers, people seeking Tarot readings, and the Tarot-curious. For people curious about how Tarot works or why’d you’d want a reading, I hope to provide some food for thought. I’m also looking forward to learning from other bloggers in the intuitive realms of oracle cards, astrology, numerology, and the Zodiac.

Through a gentle unfolding, I have evolved from an anxious, very guarded person to a peaceful person who accepts and encourages the many aspects of myself and others. On my journey to this moment, I’ve trekked through realizing I had a deep knowing of things I hadn’t experienced to trying to work within the confines of organized religion to radical acceptance of my intuitive abilities and finally, on to being led by peace. My background includes massage therapy and bodywork, counseling psychology, health care, and crisis intervention. I’m excited to contribute to the collective consciousness around leading a more peaceful life.

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