Accosted by Ideas

So, today I started writing. I woke up from a dream in which I was writing a book, choosing my words and visualizing the scenes as I wrote. When I opened my eyes, I went directly to the computer and started typing. I’m still typing. I’ve never felt pressured to pour out my words through a keyboard before, but that’s my situation right now. I wasn’t looking for a book idea and hadn’t been planning to write creatively on a large scale. I feel the ideas just accosted me and are pushing their way out onto my computer screen. So maybe I’m writing a book–I don’t know exactly. I’m allowing this to flow and become what it will. As strange as it seems in my very rational, suit of Swords way of thinking, I’m holding space for this free-flowing stream of ideas.

Have you had experience with words that insisted on being typed or written? Ideas that simply wouldn’t let you rest until they were formed? Or dreams that stepped into your waking life? Tell me all about your experiences.

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