They’re Just Not That into You

I receive so many Tarot reading requests from people wondering if their ex wants them back or if a potential love interest wants a romantic relationship. I want you to know the truth and understand the reality of the situation so you can move on to better things. This is tough love, a hard lesson, that will free you to experience true love with someone else.

When you’re laser-focused on your desires, it may be difficult to see the truth. If you feel confused about whether someone wants to be in a committed, loving relationship with you, please consider the following lessons from the book He’s Just Not That into You.

The person in question is just not that into you if…

  • they’re not calling or texting you often
  • they’re not replying to your messages within a day or two–No answer IS your answer.
  • you “hang out” or “Netflix and chill” instead of going on dates
  • they’re not dating you
  • they’re dating someone else (big sign!)
  • they’re married to someone else (bigger sign!). Unless they show legal proof of divorce filings, they’re just not that into you.
  • they’re not introducing you to their friends or loved ones
  • you feel the need to review every conversation to determine if they’re into you
  • they cheated on you, even once–they chose to cheat knowing there was a risk of ending your relationship.
  • they’re breaking up with you
  • they’ve broken up with you (especially if they become interested AFTER you begin dating someone else)
  • you only meet up for sex
  • they only want to see you when they’re drunk
  • they’ve ghosted you or disappeared from your life
  • you feel the need to chase them
  • they yell at you, humiliate you, or make you feel unattractive or bad about yourself

Avoid excuses such as they “are intimidated by you”, “don’t want to ruin the friendship”, or “are afraid of getting hurt”. Don’t accept excuses like they “travel a lot”, “have a lot going on right now”, or are “very busy”. We make time for our priorities.

Don’t waste your energy, emotions, and precious time on someone who’s just not that into you. Move on with living your best life and enjoying yourself. You’re worthy of respect, consideration, and affectionate attention.

By following your passions, the activities that really light you up, you’ll set yourself up for a great new relationship in several ways: investing in yourself shows self-worth, meeting new friends, building your skills and self-confidence, and showing that you don’t need a partner to have fun.

Credits: I’ve used several phrases and concepts from the article “He’s Just Not That Into You: Book Summary & PDF” from the website The Power Moves.

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