I don’t read for timing of future events because I believe everyone involved has free will to make choices that would affect the outcome. Anyone may choose a different path than expected at any time. I’m happy to read on steps you can take toward your goals in these situations though.

For example, if your question were “When will my mom move back to my state/ region?”, many factors could affect whether she does so and when. She might choose to move to a different city, take another job, adopt a pet who wouldn’t be allowed in a new home, or move in with a friend. If she were considering a place near you, it might be sold or under contract before she could move in. These are just examples of her choices and outside factors that would affect the answer to your question.

I often receive intuitive sparks like words or phrases related to your questions while reading the cards. However, as of this writing, I haven’t seen detailed future events for others and it’s not in my current skill set. I will truthfully present the messages I receive from the cards and from my intuition. There are certainly readers who offer answers on timing or questions of “when” though.

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