Ready to Learn More about Tarot?

Here are my favorite (AND FREE!) Tarot resources, from Ethony*’s Tarot tutorials to the birth card calculator at the Tarot School. I consult these sites regularly and highly recommend them for all levels of Tarot readers and Tarot-curious folks.

Free Tarot tutorials at Tutorial posts and guides, including using multiple decks in a reading, developing your intuition, and top 15 decks for beginners and for experienced readers

Free Tarot resources at In-depth Tarot card meanings, how to read accurately for yourself (email opt-in), and Brigit’s guide to card combinations. Be sure to get your free printable Tarot Card Reference Guide for quick keywords that unlock the meanings of the cards.

Daily Tarot Girl offers a great blog to follow with light-hearted posts and weekly oracle or Tarot readings, Kate’s quick-and-dirty Tarot card meanings list, and her tips for learning Tarot card meanings

Check out the easy-to-use Birth Card Calculator (for 2- and 3-card pairings, some readers use a single birth card), along with birth card notes, and this article on ways to practice reading Tarot cards

A great set of Tarot spreads for love, career, and daily spreads. There’s also an excellent, free (AND ad-free) Labyrinthos app to learn and use Tarot on the go, along with free apps for some of their wonderful decks.

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