10 Questions to Get to Know Your Tarot Reader

  1. How did you become a Tarot reader? Were you mentored or self-taught?
    While I’ve sensed things I wasn’t told and didn’t physically see since I was a small child, I was born quite socially awkward. Both my parents are caring, intelligent folk, though I didn’t gain a great deal of social or emotional intelligence from them. I still sometimes struggle to find words to express myself. The cards gave me a better way to talk about my feelings and intuitive prompts.

    I developed an interest in Tarot, Lenormand, and Oracle reading (ALL the things!) all at once in early 2017. I started looking through my new decks right away, noticing my impressions of each card. The cards provide a language I use to make myself more clear to my listener.

    I learned from online Tarot reading courses from Brigit of Biddy Tarot–a mixture of mentoring and self-study. My sibling Rikki, Kate the Daily Tarot Girl, and Ethony also taught me important lessons on reading and interpreting the cards. I’ve also benefited greatly from experience reading for myself and for others, which I feel is closely related to self-teaching.
  2. Are you a psychic or a Tarot reader?
    I’m a Tarot reader. As Benebell Wen explains in her answers to these questions, my ability to read the Tarot cards is factual and easily proven. I do get intuitive prompts while focused on a reading. The definition of “psychic” varies and includes a range of different abilities. While I have a deep knowing about some things that haven’t been physically told or shown to me, I don’t consider myself psychic in a predictive, future-seeing sense. I agree there are many talented readers with predictive psychic abilities.
  3. Are your predictions 100% accurate, and is accuracy important to you?
    While the probable outcomes I share are usually accurate, no one is 100% accurate all the time. To quote Serena of Lavender Moon, “Accuracy IS important to me, but I also believe that the future is not fixed – so if a prediction doesn’t come true, it could be due to decisions the client has made to avoid that particular outcome.” Predictions are not my area of expertise or how I use the cards. I take my responsibility to provide the most accurate and helpful interpretation of the cards’ message very seriously.

    I will say that when a client tells me they’re dissatisfied with their reading or that I’m totally wrong, they often come back 4-6 weeks later to say that the parts of the reading they didn’t like or disagreed with were spot on.

    I feel the most helpful readings I can provide give personalized insight and hold space for improving your outcomes. My readings are more coaching-style than predictive, more supportive than weather forecast, and more solution-oriented than word-for-word scripts from your future. When I feel a sense of calm confidence in the message for my client, I know it’s ready to share.
  4. Is there anything you can’t predict in a reading?
    Can’t or won’t? It’s more an unwillingness to use the cards for predicting dates, specific events, and the actions and behaviors of clients and others. I don’t provide specific health diagnoses or predict outcomes of surgeries, business meetings, legal proceedings, or relationships. I will share the most probable outcome when appropriate, though the future

    My focus is empowering my client to find peace and clarity while they choose their best path. Regardless of any predictions I may be able to make, people have free will and can make different choices at any time. I certainly don’t give “death sentences” in the form of scary readings. Instead, I truthfully offer options to consider and gentle, yet direct, encouragement to make choices that better serve clients’ own goals.
  5. Are you a Tarot specialist, or do you use other tools?
    I specialize in Tarot card reading. Lenormand and Oracle cards are also among my top 3 tools. I use several methods to gain insight, choosing what seems most helpful at that time:

    Primary Methods
    • Tarot cards: usually my primary method
    • Lenormand cards: may be the primary method at times, often supporting the Tarot cards drawn by establishing the exact topic we’re addressing, confirming accuracy, or giving specific details
    • Oracle cards: again, primary at times, when used for support often they set the tone for the overall reading

      Supporting Tools
    • Astrology: not a main focus of mine, simply useful to provide a bit of general context
    • Numerology: provides some insight on motivation and general pointers for improvement
    • Mindfulness and meditation on the situation at hand
  6. Is the message in the cards or in your head?
    Mostly in the cards–they’re the starting point and the foundation. I don’t simply state generally accepted meanings though. I weave those meanings into a useful message specifically addressing my client’s question. The reader’s interpretation makes the message from the cards accessible and understandable.
  7. Are you a priest or a fortune-teller?
    Mostly neither and a bit of both. I have always had a soothing manner and an ability to make anyone feel at ease. I’m soft spoken and can present even challenging messages in a calming way that prepares you for thoughtful action. While I often see the most likely outcome of a situation, it is limited based on the client’s personal choice, the accuracy and completeness of the information given, others’ actions, and the aspect of the situation I’m exploring.
  8. Do you give advice or am I on my own?
    I look into the cards for possible solutions. I offer suggestions rather than advice since I’m not aware of all the details or of all my client’s priorities. Empowering readings that increase my client’s peace about the question/ situation and that lead the client to take actions in line with their own priorities are my specialty. I provide guidance, then my clients must decide for themselves which options may be most beneficial for them.
  9. Do you read for free or for fee?
    I provide mostly paid readings. I provide a few free readings through the Biddy Tarot Free Tarot Readings platform.
  10. Is there anything you won’t predict in a reading?
    Yes, this answer is similar to my answer to number 4 above. Death, medical diagnoses, legal proceedings, event dates, and whether my client or another person will/ won’t take certain actions are among the topics I won’t read on. I don’t read on ways to potentially harm others/ interrupt relationships/ get people fired or reduce their income or assets. I decline requests to learn what others will do or how they feel (invasion of privacy) and whether two people will continue or rekindle a relationship. (I’m happy to read on a general relationship outlook and how you might improve it.) I feel those are either not within my expertise or not helpful to empower/ inspire you to grow and improve. I feel receiving predictions of exactly what will happen could remove your hope and the rewards of making your own choices for a better outlook.

Thanks for reading! Please see Ethony*’s post “10 Questions Every Reader Must Answer”, as it inspired me to answer them as well. The original post from James Bulls of Left Hand Tarot was not available for linking and credit. Here’s the post I believe may be closest to the original, as the author states she’s sharing his questions from a recent post.

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