What I’ve Learned Using the Tarot

These are a few things I know for sure after doing hundreds of readings for myself and others.

  1. Trust myself.
    My first instinct is generally right. Following that with second-guessing, reasoning, or rationalizing defeats the purpose of intuition and insight. I feel this is true for most of us when we’re coming from a calm mindset.

  2. People want confirmation of what they know and maybe haven’t said aloud yet.
    So many times, clients reply that they were aware of the answers before their reading and that I’ve confirmed what they knew. I’m thankful I’m in a position to support people in making decisions and connecting with their best paths.

  3. Many of us are seeking reassurance.
    We’re looking for stability, for some truth or encouraging word to hold onto as we navigate life. The simple feeling of being truly heard can be healing. Getting validation for our feelings is often a huge relief. I value my ability to create a safe space, however brief, for my client to “feel their feelings”.

  4. I love reading the Tarot for others.
    The opportunity to encourage others while acknowledging their challenges is an amazing gift. Giving Tarot readings allows me to coach people through a process they can use again later to make decisions.

  5. A picture really can be worth a thousand words.
    The details of the artwork act like keys, reminding us of something helpful we learned a long time ago or sparking that aha moment we need.

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