What’s going on?

Hi friends! You may have noticed that this site has a different look and even a different web address–or not. A few months ago, I closed many of my Tarot accounts and cancelled business subscriptions because there wasn’t enough client interest to justify my expenses.

However, an odd thing happened in the last two weeks. People began purchasing Tarot readings from a site–my site–I didn’t know even existed anymore. I’d stopped renewing my domain names and cancelled (I thought) my WordPress account several weeks ago. Despite my attempts and requests, the Stephanie Dreams Tarot Etsy shop and Fb page weren’t closed either.

All the same, I was paid for two readings, one of which is complete and the second is in progress (waiting for client response). There’s great positive energy around these occurrences, and I love giving Tarot readings. That part was never in question. My calling is definitely to support people who are ready for change using the Tarot cards. I was surprised at receiving paid reading requests after months of silence, though. And the site has reverted to pages and content I created 2 to 3 years ago.

I wanted to let you know why many of my posts and pages have disappeared. Working with my own excellent spiritual advisor and Tarot reader Anya*, I’ve chosen to go with the flow and keep it simple, very simple. For now, I don’t plan to restart many of my previous offerings (ex. newsletter, IG, giveaways). Moving forward, I’ll add resources here as I feel inspired. Thanks for reading.

*Anya Esma is a fantastic, gifted Tarot reader. She creates insightful journal prompts to inspire deep inner healing. Please explore Anya’s work on her YouTube channel.