5 Simple Steps to Befriend Your New Deck

Get to know your new Tarot deck with Stephanie Dreams Tarot

Making friends with a Tarot deck or oracle deck

Whether you’ve just picked up a new or new-to-you Tarot, Lenormand, or oracle deck, or you want to pull a deck out of storage and start working with it, here are 5 simple steps to get acquainted. I’m purposeful about purchasing new decks, rather than just collecting lots that I won’t use. Even so, I occasionally open a new purchase or new-to-me deck and think, “Ugh! I’m not reading with this.” Read on for how to make friends with your deck, even if it’s not like at first sight.

  1. Flip through the cards. My favorite way is flipping through the cards quickly the first time, then more slowly the second time, looking at each card in more detail.
  2. On your second trip through the cards, make mental notes of your favorites. Consider whether you like those cards because of their meanings (your own or traditional), the artwork style or colors, or certain objects depicted.
  3. Make a stack of the cards you dislike.
  4. For each card in the stack of dislikes, draw a second card for why you don’t like the first card. This list is going to be familiar…Ask yourself if you don’t care for these cards because you dislike their meanings (or the meaning is unclear), the art style or colors, or certain objects in the cards.
  5. After spending a few minutes on each card in the dislike pile, shuffle everything together and ask the deck what kinds of readings it’s best for. Draw 3 cards for your answer. You may want to make note of your observations in a Tarot journal or reading notebook.

If you’re new to Tarot or Lenormand OR you’d like some ideas on spreads to interview your deck, please check my curated list of resources at dreamstarot.com/learn.