5 Ways to Create a Great Tarot Reading

Tarot and oracle cards, runes, candles Imbolc spread at Stephanie Dreams Tarot

Simple Steps to a Clear, Helpful Card Reading

  1. Create your sacred space. Clear your physical reading space and then clear your mind with deep cleansing breaths. Read more on how I set up my sacred space here.
  2. Choose your deck, considering the theme or artwork style you want for your reading. (To select your first deck or a new deck for purchase, see this post.)
  3. Ask a great open-ended question that empowers you to create the change you’re seeking. Get the details in my post What to Ask the Cards.
  4. Choose your cards – shuffle, cut, and select your cards in the way that feels most comfortable to you.
  5. Read and reflect. Look at the overall similarities of the cards, the differences between them, and each individual card, relating your observations and thoughts back to your question. Learn 6 simple steps to read any card here. Journal your reading, leaving room to add thoughts and events later.

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