6 Easy Ways to Read Tarot Cards

Starchild whimsical Tarot card spread, crystals, Lenormand cards, Oracle cards

Learn a Simple Method to Interpret Your Tarot Card Reading

While learning Tarot card meanings can certainly be helpful during your Tarot journey, it’s not required. Start reading now using the steps below, and your own (valuable!) thoughts and experiences with the cards will create a great framework for later book learning.

List of 6 ways to read a Tarot card, then combine multiple cards

If one step works perfectly, you don’t need to keep going down the list.

Remember to keep it simple and trust your first thoughts. If one step doesn’t apply, move on to the next. You can definitely do this.

  • Focus on the first objects you see. What do they mean to you? No wrong answers! What might they mean related to the rest of the picture? Use your context clues.
  • Listen to your intuition. What thoughts does the card bring up?
  • If you’re familiar, recall the suit and number keywords for Minor Arcana cards. (If not, move right along to telling a story, below. Keywords are not necessary to interpret your card.)
  • Or tune into the archetype or global lesson if it’s a Major Arcana card (ex. mother, death, solitude).
  • Tell a story about what you see. Make it up, no wrong answers.
    • Then, relate your story to the question.
  • Connect the story or meaning to any other cards you’ve drawn in this reading. Compare and contrast: are there multiple figures or just one person? How does the story change from card to card–simpler vs. more complex? Happier or more serious? Has there been any progress or is there a new challenge?

If you’re newer to learning Tarot or would like an inspired refresher, my new Tarot basics course, Tarot Foundations, reopens this Fall 2021.