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Meet Stephanie!

Hi! Thanks for visiting. I’m Stephanie, an experienced, intuitive Tarot reader empowering people who are ready for change to find peace and direction. My readings are open to anyone, though I specialize in serving LGBTQIA+, BBIPOC, and adult industry workers. My sibling Rikki and Biddy Tarot are my biggest inspirations in the Tarot realm. I’m a mother to a bright and charming strong-willed child. I’m also a happily committed partner to a similarly nerdy and wonderful individual who enjoys 3D printing and gaming. When I’m not reading the cards, I enjoy tasting craft beers, being ignored by my cats, and trying really hard to grow herbs on my porch.

My rich Native American heritage includes performing as a fancy shawl dancer in local and regional powwows and learning tribal customs and history from my grandparents and elders. My grandfather served as Vice Chief of our tribe until his passing. My formal studies include massage therapy, counseling psychology, world religions, and crisis intervention. Still waters run deep–and that’s fitting metaphor for my gentle, steady yet intense personality. My readings are infused with calming, healing energy and the deep wisdom of a kindred old soul. I love learning and I’m always developing my skills–currently participating in Caitlin Matanle‘s 6-month 10 of Pentacles Mastermind and pursuing my Tarot Love Advisor Certification with Emilie Muniz. The last course I completed was Biddy Tarot’s Read the Tarot with Confidence.

Most importantly, I believe in being led by what gives us peace.

Stephanie, you know they say that we’re exactly where we need to be at the right time and I truly believe that I was led here for a reason. Before I even read what you had wrote, I started crying. I know this is the beginning of something very huge for me in the most… Read More »Exactly What I Needed

Exactly What I Needed

Stephanie Dreams offered interesting insights and information, and was very friendly, helpful, prompt, and knowledgeable

Interesting Insights

Growing Up

As a child of a former auto mechanic, I’m still surprised to learn that not everyone has a can of WD-40 on hand. I grew up playing outdoors, reading everything I could get hold of (including cereal boxes!), and helping my father with simple electrical and HVAC tasks, like running wiring and hanging duct work. My first car was a 1971 Chevelle Malibu I helped my dad rebuild–we bought it on eBay and towed it home on a trailer. My wonderful siblings are in pastry creation mixed with alt modeling and photography, electrical work with a side of guitar repair, and business.

My loved ones include persons who…live with ADD or ADHD, have ridiculously long natural eyelashes, are on the autism spectrum, hate green beans, quote movie lines at the most inopportune (read: hilarious) times, love gaming, identify as trans or non-binary, dislike pie, live with borderline personality disorder, and who reject vegetables categorically. Whether any or none of these apply to you, you’re welcome here.

As a person of color, I grew up in a rural area of the southern States so I’m familiar with, and purposefully distanced from, many judgmental and closed ways of thinking. I’m also in the know about hot humid weather, the wonders of outdoor spaces, and desserts masquerading as side dishes (looking at you, sweet potato casserole). As a thrill seeker in recovery, I have scars from four-wheeler (ATV), jet ski, and go kart incidents. My favorite places to travel are quiet mountain cabins with trees for neighbors.

Who I Work with

I welcome anyone ready to take action toward their dreams or toward solving a problem. Clients from all walks of life, LGBTQ+ enby and provider inclusive, are treated equally with respect and dignity. I work with those who want clarity around what’s in their best interests and support for well-informed decision making. My dream clients are thoughtful, motivated, and ready to take steps to create their best path. All readings are subject to review by my upper management as seen in the photo above this page (the gray fuzzy one).

Thank you so much for a good reading.

Thank You So Much

Very professional and clear. Stephanie took the time to explain what the Tarot cards mean for my question, but also their meanings in general.

Detailed, Clear Interpretation

There is nothing like a dream to create the future.”

-Victor Hugo

My Reading Style

I believe the Tarot and Lenormand cards are tools for personal development that help us understand our situation so we can choose our best path. I use intuitive, insightful card readings to empower you and help you problem-solve. I won’t tell you what will happen at precisely 3:16PM on Thursday because I believe in free will and personal empowerment. Instead, I act as a coach offering guidance on achieving your best possible outcomes. Get more details on my philosophy in my Code of Ethics.

When we’re well informed, we can make the best possible decisions.

I take my responsibility to provide the most helpful interpretation of the cards’ messages very seriously. I usually create a custom spread to answer your questions, rather than using traditional layouts. The decks I use most often are the 78 Tarot Nautical, the Bohemian Wild Lenormand, and the Universal Mind Oracle.

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