A Few of My Favorite Things

Astro Calendars, Soul-Centered Planners, Supplements, and More

Here are a few of the things I use to stay happy, healthy, and organized. I only recommend services and products I’ve tried and enjoyed.


Spiral Spectrum makes gorgeous annual calendar posters showing new and full moons, meteor showers and eclipses, planetary and moon transits, and more detailed astrological information. There’s so much detail beautifully woven into each Cosmic Calendar and LunaSol Calendar, making these perfect for anyone astrologically inclined or cosmically curious. Get both of these, plus more, in the Big Dipper Bundle, my yearly pick. I’m excited to add that in 2020, Spiral Spectrum began offering digital Australian and European Cosmic Calendars for download!

Thank you for the guidance, it has been helpful! The Tarot reading was quite relevant.

Quite Relevant

Stephanie is wonderful. What I appreciated about this reading is how detailed it was.

Appreciated the Detail

Goddess Boxes from Goddess Provisions

Some of the lovely items I’ve received in Goddess Boxes

Goddess Provisions sends monthly boxes filled with 5-7 full-size products to nurture the goddess within, including crystals, vegan snacks, and cruelty-free apothecary beauty items. I look forward to my Goddess Box every month. My partner presents it with a flourish every time, knowing I’m going to be really stoked. I’ve gotten some great candles with soothing scents, essential oil room sprays and roll-ons, lots of organic herbal teas, quality bath items, and several lovely oracle decks. The best oracle deck I’ve received in my Goddess Box is the Sacred Self-Care Oracle by Jill Pyle. New subscribers may choose the self-care box (the wonderful default) OR the amethyst aura box (use code AMETHYSTAURA) for their first month.

Soul-Centered Planners

Biddy Tarot Planner

The Biddy Tarot Planner includes a unique Tarot spread each month, a card of the month with an intention-setting practice, and space for you to record your card of the day. The focus is definitely on Tarot with simple, easy to use monthly planner features.

Check out last year’s great 2020 planner bonuses, including a helpful video series from Brigit with tips on using your planner, additional spreads, New and Full Moon audio meditations, and a print-your-own mini Tarot deck.

You can test drive this planner with a free monthly planner printable from Biddy Tarot (email address required).

See my favorite IG on the planner

How I Use Tarot To Plan My Month Ahead at Biddy Tarot

Setting Daily Intentions with Tarot at Biddy Tarot

I use both the Biddy Tarot Planner and the Desire Map Planner to keep my work schedule, family time, and appointments in order. The Biddy Tarot Planner is more simplistic and keeps me looking ahead with monthly and quarterly Tarot spreads and short monthly intention and gratitude lists. The Desire Map planner is a hardcore planner for planner lovers or anyone who wants to be both more organized and more thoughtful.

Desire Map Planner

The Desire Map Planner daily version from Danielle LaPorte, creator of the insightful Desire Map program, satisfies ALL my planner-loving desires with monthly calendars, daily lined pages, yearly overviews, and separate space for birthdays. Even better, this amazing planner includes lots of guidance for setting “goals with soul”, authentic intentions aligned with your highest good.

Check out the newly available 2021 Desire Map Planners to “create your life with intention”. The 2021 edition is my 4th annual planner purchase, and I consider it a great investment for my peace of mind. There are daily and weekly hard cover versions, along with 3 pay-what-you-wish price points ($42-58 USD).

Save $ Hint: Select the $50 pay-what-you-wish option THEN use code PLANNERFRIEND25 for 25% off! Your $58 planner (totally worth it if that price is accessible for you) is now…$31.50 before shipping. Woohoo!

iPad users can also get the digital daily or digital weekly planner ($20-30). Same hint as above: Choose the $25 option and apply PLANNERFRIEND25 for 25% off for a before-shipping total of $19.

Personal Care

Care/of Personalized Monthly Vitamin and Supplement Packs

Monthly booklet with all the details on your supplements

Care/of provides a personalized monthly vitamin and supplement subscription with 30 daily packs ready to go. I like not needing to fill a pill sorter every week. You can pick and choose just one or any combination of individual vitamins and minerals, a multivitamin, probiotics, and herbal supplements, with easy-to-read evidence supporting each one. It’s a lot simpler than searching the supplement aisle in the health food store or pharmacy. You can change your mix of supplements every month or pause your subscription any time.

Gem Food-Based Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement

I alternate between Gem and Care/of a few months at a time. Gem is a food-based, vegan supplement without fillers or hidden ingredients. Since Gem classifies and markets their product as a food, they’re regulated by the FDA and must declare every ingredient, unlike many supplements.

Gem includes support for energy, beauty, stress reduction, and cognitive function (clarity, memory). I agree with many reviewers who say Gem’s daily bites don’t cause nausea like many multivitamins can.

Use this link to get half off your first month. Already a subscriber? Use codes MISSYOU or LOVEGEM for 25% off your next order.



Evernote is my favorite web- and app-based tool to quickly save my ideas, journal entries, links to explore, and wish lists. I don’t worry about losing details as small as the dimensions of my bathroom or as big as new Tarot spread ideas with Evernote. The basic version is free (and great!).

I use the Premium version for more storage space because I take pictures of coupon codes, business cards, and receipts. Premium prevents me from needing to save so those papers– Try a month of Evernote Premium free.


Dropbox is home to my photos and the documents I share with others. I use it to automatically back up specific photo folders in my phone and on my desktop so I can access them anywhere. I manage social media for a few dance and performance festivals and events and I often need to make quick posts of performer photos. Dropbox allows me to do that without saving every image to my computer or phone.

Get 500MB of extra space when you sign up for Dropbox here.

Amazon Prime

While Prime may not be considered a traditional productivity tool, it definitely simplifies my day by streamlining my shopping.

When my son was an infant, I learned very quickly that he didn’t like being taken into stores–but of course, babies need diapers and food…I discovered that Amazon Prime would deliver diapers to my doorstep (on a schedule I set) and we’ve been friends ever since.

We use Prime 2-day shipping and Subscribe & Save every week. I can be a bit absent-minded when it comes to stocking household items, so Subscribe & Save is perfect for getting toilet paper and cat food just before we run out. Dishwasher tablets, guinea pig hay, and unsalted cashews are a few of our other Subscribe & Save items.

Prime Music is where my playlists for driving, working out, and unwinding live. Streaming music, movies, and TV shows are included with my Prime Membership, which makes it easy to keep the kids (and grownups) entertained. Try Amazon Prime free for 30 days and enjoy the convenience.

Thank you for the guidance, it has been helpful! The Tarot reading was quite relevant.

Quite Relevant

Stephanie is wonderful. What I appreciated about this reading is how detailed it was.

Appreciated the Detail



Swagbucks is an alternative search engine that rewards you with points (called guess what–Swagbucks!) you can redeem for gift cards. I earn about $5 a month in Amazon or Papa John’s gift cards just by using Swagbucks as my search engine. As you’ll see below, you can also redeem Swagbucks for Visa, eBay, and other types of gift cards. I earn most of my Swagbucks from using the search engine normally, searching whatever currently interests me or the site or creator I’m looking for. I’ve tried many “paid surveys” and other similar gimmicks, but I’ve consistently used Swagbucks for several years because it’s the one that consistently pays out as promised. My mom, siblings, and several friends use Swagbucks after I’ve shown them my gift card redemptions.

Swagbucks also posts SwagCodes worth 2-3 SB and good for 2–3 hours once or twice daily. SwagCodes may be on their Facebook or Twitter pages, their website, or in their product descriptions and they may appear LIKETHIS (code all users can enter) or stealthcode98765 (with the numbers on the end different for each user). HINT: do not include any spaces when you copy and paste a SwagCode or it will be rejected.

I also use the retailer links for shopping from big names like Amazon, Zappos, and LL Bean (when I remember) to earn from my purchases. There are also polls, surveys, games, videos, and special offers to earn more, though I personally don’t use these often. Get a 300 Swagbucks bonus when you use my referral link to sign up. Get an extra 100 SB for adding the SwagButton to your browser, an easy way to check for and enter new SwagCodes. Don’t sweat missing a SwagCode, most of your earnings will probably be from searching or shopping anyway.

First page of my earnings for 6 weeks