Code of Ethics

My Philosophy, What to Expect, and Privacy Policy

Tarot is a tool for personal development and may be used to gain insight into situations and related options. I offer coaching-style readings within my expertise as a Tarot reader. I do not offer legal, medical, financial, psychological, or other professional advice, nor should my readings be treated as such. Such concerns will be referred to licensed professionals as appropriate.

As a professional Tarot reader, I truthfully and respectfully communicate reading messages to clients. I care for the well-being of my clients and I offer guidance, insight, and potential action steps as appropriate for client consideration. Clients remain fully responsible for their choices and actions. I support free will and personal empowerment. 

I am not a psychic or fortune-teller. I do not predict the behaviors or actions of my clients or any other persons or entities. Death, medical diagnoses, legal proceedings, event dates, specific outcomes, or the private thoughts or intentions of others (no snooping, surveillance, or invasion of privacy) are among the topics I won’t read on. I don’t read on topics that may potentially harm others, such as how to interrupt relationships, get people fired, or reduce their income or other assets. I decline requests about whether people will continue, end, or rekindle a relationship. (I’m happy to provide a general relationship outlook and how it might be improved, along with aspects to consider prior to entering or continuing a relationship with a specific person.)

Reading descriptions and costs are available and clearly-posted on my website prior to any exchange. Clients may request any listed readings as Tarot, Lenormand, Oracle, or combination readings. There are no hidden charges or further required purchases beyond the initial clearly-stated cost.

Within two weeks of reading delivery, I may respond to up to three follow up questions per reading that do not require additional cards to be drawn. I reserve the right to redirect the client to information shared in the original reading. I also reserve the right to decline to answer follow up questions not in keeping with this Code or my philosophy of cartomancy. Clients request new readings for follow-up questions or concerns requiring additional cards to be drawn, unless otherwise clearly stated in the posted package description.

All clients are treated with equal respect, regardless of personal characteristics or choices. I welcome clients with alternative and non-traditional lifestyles, paths, and cultures. My clients extend the same respect and courtesy to me in our interactions and across the web, including their posts, comments, or contributions related to my services and products.

I reserve the right to refer a potential client to another reader, to request that the client rephrase their question (and provide suggestions), or to decline a reading request within the delivery period stated in the product description. Any language, requests, or behavior I deem unacceptable will not be tolerated. If a question may need rephrasing, I will first contact the client with suggestions. No refunds will be given for any completed readings.

My website includes some affiliate links. I recommend only services and products I’ve tried and enjoyed. Any products I’ve received for free or at a discount will be clearly marked as such. I may receive a small commission or other compensation for use of these affiliate links at no additional cost to my clients.

Privacy and Confidentiality Statement

I respect client confidentiality. Contact details and client communications are used only for the purpose of the requested readings and are stored securely in an encrypted, password-protected cloud location. I will not share or sell contact details or aspects of readings except with express permission or as required by law (such as in cases of harm or self-harm).

I respect the privacy of others and I do not provide readings on the actions, intentions, or private thoughts of third parties.


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Need to Know

Card images appear courtesy of their deck creators and illustrators. I truthfully and respectfully communicate the messages of your reading, though no guarantee is offered as to the accuracy of a reading. I am required to state that content, services, and readings are offered to people 18 years or older for entertainment and do not constitute legal, medical, financial, psychological, or other professional advice nor should they be treated as such. You remain responsible for your personal actions. Review my Code of Ethics and Privacy Policy. By requesting a reading or interpretation, you confirm that you understand and agree with the above statements.