Code of Ethics

My Philosophy, What to Expect, and Client Confidentiality

Philosophy of Tarot, Lenormand, and Oracle Card Readings

At Stephanie Dreams Tarot, I assist my clients to gain practical insight using Tarot, Lenormand, and Oracle cards (referred to as “the cards”) as personal development tools. My mission is sharing peace and clarity through Tarot. Client well-being and personal empowerment are top priorities.

As a professional and ethical Tarot reader, I truthfully and compassionately communicate reading messages to clients. My clients entrust me with secrets, fears, and dreams, so I take my responsibility to provide accurate, helpful, and confidential readings seriously. Guidance and potential action steps are offered for client consideration. Clients retain free will and personal power to choose. Clients remain fully responsible and liable for their personal actions at all times. You may also wish to review my Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosures.

When we’re well informed, we can make the best possible decisions.

Clients of alternative and non-traditional lifestyles or paths are welcome. All clients are treated with equal respect and consideration. Clients extend the same respect and courtesy to the reader in our interactions and across the web, including posts and comments related to Stephanie Dreams Tarot’s content, products, or services.

What to Expect

Service descriptions and costs are clearly-posted and available on this website prior to any exchange. All fees are agreed upon in advance. There are no hidden charges or further required purchases beyond the initial clearly-stated cost. Should a client wish to proceed beyond the initially agreed-upon services, all additional fees will be discussed and agreed upon prior to proceeding.

Within one week (7 days) of reading delivery, clients may present up to two (2) follow up questions per reading that do not require additional cards to be drawn. Stephanie Dreams Tarot reserves the right to redirect the client to information shared in the original reading and/ or to decline to answer follow up questions not in keeping with this Code. Clients request new readings for follow-up questions or concerns that require additional cards to be drawn, unless follow up readings are clearly included in the item description.

Stephanie Dreams Tarot reserves the right to refer a potential client to another reader, to request that the client rephrase their question (with suggestions provided), or to decline a reading request within the delivery period stated in the product description. A full refund will be issued immediately if a reading request is declined or cannot be completed in the stated delivery period.

Any impolite language, requests, or behavior deemed unacceptable will not be tolerated.

Clients also retain the right to refuse or terminate a reading at any time, regardless of prior consent. Due to the time required to prepare card readings and their highly individualized nature, no refunds will be issued for any completed reading. Gift cards and readings may be refunded at 90% of the purchase price within the first 24 hours after purchase, less a 10% transaction reversal fee.

Unavailable Topics and What to Request Instead

Death, medical diagnoses, legal proceedings, exact event dates, specific outcomes, your future actions or the actions of others (including break ups, whether your ex will come back, etc.), means of harming self or others (such as reducing their income or assets), or invasions of privacy are among the topics unavailable for readings. Stephanie Dreams Tarot respects the privacy of others and does not provide readings on the actions, intentions, or private thoughts of third parties.

Stephanie Dreams Tarot declines reading requests about whether people will continue, end, or rekindle relationships, respecting the free will and privacy of others. You may request a general relationship outlook, options for achieving your best possible outcome, what you might expect when choosing between options, how a relationship might be improved, along with aspects to consider prior to entering or continuing a relationship with a specific person.

Please visit Certified Tarot Readers at Biddy Tarot for a list of other Tarot readers I can confidently recommend to you. I want you to have the best possible Tarot experience, even if it’s not with me.

Client Confidentiality Statement

Stephanie Dreams Tarot maintains strict client confidentiality. No readings are stored or retained. Client contact details are stored securely using cloud-based services and protected with two-factor authentication everywhere available. No client details are shared except with express permission or as legally required. No legal privilege exists between reader and client such as exists between doctor and patient or lawyer and client. Please exercise your best judgment as to whether you store or retain your readings and reader communications.

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Content, products, and services are offered to people 18 years or older for entertainment and do not constitute financial, legal, medical, psychological, or other professional advice nor should they be treated as such. Stephanie Dreams Tarot (SDT) makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation of the site, the content, products, or services included, nor will SDT be liable for any damages arising from use of them. You remain fully responsible and liable for your personal actions at all times.

Review the Code of Ethics, Affiliate Disclosures, and Privacy Policy. The messages of your reading are truthfully and compassionately communicated, though the information provided cannot be given to any degree of certainty or guarantee of accuracy. Anyone viewing or a related reading hereby acknowledges and is tacitly assumed to have read this disclaimer. By using or purchasing these products or services, you confirm that you understand and agree with the above and linked statements and policies.