April New Moon in Aries Tarot Guidance

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Aries, the Pioneering Fire Sign

Today I’m sharing my New Moon Tarot reading for April 2021. This New Moon occurs in Aries, a pioneering fire sign known for adventure and bold action. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of action, competition, and war. Take care to look before you leap. In the Major Arcana (first 22 Tarot cards), Aries is associated with the Emperor (4), the card of structure, respect, and masculine energy. Scroll down for the reading video and your printable New Moon Rest & Reset Spread.

Timing of New and Full Moon Tarot Readings

There’s more than one school of thought on when to do your New and Full Moon Tarot readings. After reviewing the opinions of teachers I respect, I’ve found a system that works for me. I consider the best time for New Moon work to be AFTER the exact time of the New Moon, up to 1-2 days later. I feel that the Full Moon is in effect up to 3 days before and 3 days after the exact date, so there’s a nice window to choose the day that works well for you.

Like many people, I have the ability to turn even a relaxing, empowering activity into an anxiety-causing event. I feel it’s important to be well-rested and unhurried for my moon work. Also, I work night shifts, so I’m flexible with my timing. I choose the date closest to the New or Full Moon that works comfortably for me.

Inspiration for Your New and Full Moon Rituals

Personally, I define a ritual as a set of actions toward a specific purpose. I usually set aside time for a bath, meditation, Tarot reading, or journaling. I set up a ritual bath (remembering that a ritual is simply a set of actions toward a specific purpose, here, creating a relaxing experience) with beautiful candles and a soothing natural bath soak, usually with Epsom salts added.

I reduce distractions as much as reasonably possible, choose a fluffy towel, then light my candles. (Anita Apothecary Shop makes most of the spell and ritual candles I use.) I’m thankful to have a simple bathtub caddy to rest a drink, jar candle, and reading materials. If you’re adopting a bath practice for your own New and Full Moon observances, remember to keep it simple. Since the whole intention here is to do something lovely for yourself, don’t overthink it.

I “come to my senses” slowly, by first enjoying the colors and scents, and then by focusing on the sensations from the water. I purposefully relax my muscles and sink in to the feeling of ease. Meditation usually follows. After toweling off (no, I don’t believe my intentions are weak enough to be wiped away with a towel), I read the cards and journal about my reading.

April New Moon Tarot + Oracle Reading

I created this New Moon card spread for you. I used the Pastel Magic Tarot and the Inner Child Oracle for this reading.

  1. In what area could I use a reset?
    Strength (8) (top L): Don’t overpower the situation to get your way; instead, gently direct. If you’re planning something with a friend, ease up a bit instead of demanding certain conditions.
  2. How to approach this reset
    10 of Wands (top R): Feeling overburdened? It’s time to share the responsibility. You don’t have to do everything yourself.
  3. In what area do I need rest?
    Queen of Wands (bottom L): Where are you doing too much or taking on too much at once? How could you take a more balanced approach? Be sure you’re getting enough rest so you can enjoy everything else.
  4. Self care
    Page of Wands (bottom R): Slow down and study a bit. Find a blog or magazine on your area of interest and get fresh inspiration.
  5. Oracle card supporting your self care
    Live Intentionally (middle): At bedtime, choose 1 action for the next day. Not a bunch of actions, just one. In alignment with this Aries New Moon, you’ll be getting things done while also getting enough rest.

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