Aquarius New Moon Tarot Readings

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New Moon in Aquarius Tarot Readings from Biddy Tarot and Ethony*

Today I’m sharing my New Moon Tarot readings for February. The New Moon occurred in Aquarius, an optimistic air sign known for innovation and unity. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of sudden insights that could cause revolution. In the Major Arcana (first 22 Tarot cards), Aquarius is associated with the Star (17), the card of hope.

Repeating a Question–Not Your Best Plan

Before we look at my readings, please keep in mind that best practice is to wait several weeks or a few months before asking the same question. First, you need to have confidence in your own readings or in your reader’s interpretation. Seeking a new answer to the same question demonstrates distrust of the message you previously received. Second, you may increase your confusion or uncertainty by getting conflicting answers. Worse, you could also just get muddy, unclear answers in the later readings.

Your best bet is to do or request only one reading on the topic, sit with the answer, and review the reading again in 2 weeks to get more insight. If you’re dealing with a long-term concern, please review your reading again after 2 months as well. Each time, you’ll look at your message with fresh eyes and you’ll likely understand more details than before. Plus, as time passes, new developments will clarify the message–it’ll make more sense when you read it again.

WAIT until the situation changes to read on it again.

That said, I sometimes use 2 New or Full Moon spreads on the same day, as you see below. Each spread creator approaches the astrological sign the moon is in differently and builds a unique spread. So, I’m reading on different questions, rather than repeating the same reading hoping for different answers.

Timing of New and Full Moon Tarot Readings

There’s more than one school of thought on when to do your New and Full Moon Tarot readings. After reviewing the opinions of teachers I respect, I’ve found a system that works for me. I consider the best time for New Moon work to be 1-2 days AFTER the exact time of the New Moon. I feel that the Full Moon is in effect up to 3 days before and 3 days after the exact date.

I feel it’s important to be well-rested and unhurried for my moon work. I choose the date closest to the New or Full Moon that works comfortably for me. Like many people, I have the ability to turn even a relaxing, empowering activity into an anxiety-causing event. Also, I work night shifts and have for 5+ years. So, I am pretty flexible with choosing the dates.

Creating New and Full Moon Rituals

I usually begin by setting aside time for a bath, meditation, Tarot reading, journaling, and any other practices that seem most beneficial. I set up a ritual bath with beautiful candles and a soothing natural bath soak, often with Epsom salts added. I reduce distractions as much as reasonably possible, then light my candles. (Anita Apothecary Shop makes most of the spell and ritual candles I use, including the candles listed above. It’s a great self care and metaphysical shop with well-made items that consistently have very positive energy.) I’m very thankful to have a simple bamboo bathtub caddy to rest a drink, one or two jar candles, and any reading materials I may want.

This Month’s New Moon Ritual

The theme of self love is relevant to both the month and the confidence rebuilding I’m finishing from a long-term difficult work situation several months ago. For this New Moon, I created a relaxing ritual bath with the following items:

To prepare for my best possible intention setting, I listened to the Biddy Tarot New Moon Meditation (10min, link below). The meditation helped clarify my desires for this moon cycle. From the recorded Meditation, the phrases “Bless the dreams of others. Everyone can have what they truly desire.” stuck with me. With a selenite wand, I cleared my energy and then drew in my intentions, sweeping the wand from my feet up toward my head. My intentions for this New Moon are making my business profitable, inspiration, motivation, energy, and creativity.

Though I normally wait until after my bath is finished, I read my Tarot and oracle cards while soaking. Instead of laying out the whole spread, I read a card at a time since I was working from my bathtub caddy, recording each one along with my insights in my Biddy Tarot Planner (more of a Tarot journal, really).

Biddy Tarot New Moon in Aquarius Tarot Reading

I did this reading from the 2021 Biddy Tarot Planner (link below), using the Vagabond Wild Tarot. Channeled message: Abundance abounds.

  1. What unique gifts do I bring to the table?
    6 of Cups (top L): I have the ability to create, inspire, and encourage harmony in groups and between people who must make choices.
  2. How can I best utilize these gifts for the betterment of humanity?
    Hierophant (5, top middle): As a speaker of sacred mysteries, I can bring peace and clarity to heavy thoughts and troubling situations.
  3. Where would I most like to see social change and equality?
    2 of Wands (top R): I want change and equality in business and in the arts.
  4. How am I best-placed to communicate my ideas with the world?
    9 of Cups (bottom L): As a Virgo sun sign, Pisces moon, and Aries rising, I’m firmly grounded on the mountains (earth), with gentle yet powerful flowing energy (water), and a drive to make my vision real (fire) for true healing in the lives of others.
  5. How can I connect with others who align with my vision for the future?
    Universe (the World, 21, bottom middle): I can use my internet presence–grow it daily and connect to others to find those who align with my vision for the future. Swing, play, and dance into community space.
  6. Which areas of my life would benefit from expressing vulnerability?
    3 of Wands (bottom R): Finding and connecting with an energetic group, passionate about helping and healing others, would allow me to express vulnerability in business-building and encourage others on similar paths.

Ethony*’s New Moon in Aquarius Tarot Reading

From the free 2021 Tarot by the Moon guide (link below), I used the Vagabond Wild Tarot and the Universal Mind Oracle decks for this reading. Oracle card – Gathering/ Tribe (top middle): Reinforcing the previous reading, it’s important to find a group that encourages me in my business endeavors.

  1. How can I detach from any lingering issues or energies from the past?
    8 of Wands (top far L): Move away from the painful parts of the past (rather than keeping them close by revisiting them). Be fully present with an eye to the future.
  2. How can I be more of a spiritual rebel?
    3 of Wands (bottom far L): Take part in more group practices, especially healing and empowerment.
  3. How can I be more impactful with my vision?
    4 of Swords (top R): Look within for advice. Spend more time on self-reflection to create a better strategy for reaching others.
  4. Where in my life can I have more fun?
    The Star (bottom L): Appropriate card for this Aquarius New Moon. Allow myself a little more hope and a little more dreaming. The present appearance doesn’t always reflect upcoming developments.
  5. What can I do to support my visions and goals?
    Queen of Wands (bottom R): Allow myself to do more with the passions and creativity I have.

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