Aura Protection Box

Mountain centered under rainbow in dark blue clouds

December 2020 Goddess Box

Couldn’t believe I caught flack from my editor about publishing this post. Really just an abuse of power.

But I’m braving the possibility of my cat getting upset by not allowing her to sleep on top of the keyboard and in the box (that she doesn’t fit in, so of course she still sits).

The theme of this month’s box from Goddess Provisions is Aura Protection. While not everything in the box aligns with my interests, the items are nice quality and very pretty as always, so I’m happy to gift or pass on anything I won’t use. This strategy prevents me from gathering too much clutter, and I really enjoy giving as a love language.

In the box:

  • snowflake obsidian
  • Calm nasal inhaler (like the Vicks inhaler for congestion, but much nicer)
  • card wallet in ombre pink-purple-blue
  • fabric moon cycles calendar printed with crystal-infused ink
  • Sonia’s Shield Immunity Blend essential oil roller – I love rollers like these because they make it easy to carry and use essential oils.
  • Zenned Out founder Cassie Uhl’s new book Understanding Auras
  • invisible invitation for cat to sit on and walk through photo shoot–get yours here