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What’s different with Stephanie Dreams Tarot? A whole lot. Get the tea here, plus explore the fabulous work of my own Tarot advisor Anya Esma.

Dear Stephanie, Much thanks for the prompt revert. I needed some time on this to give you a relevant feedback. Must say your tarot card spread for the questions I posed is bang on! All three cards are drawn are in sync with the frame of mind I am in and reaffirm the best way … Continue reading Aspects to Ponder

Aspects to Ponder

Dear Stephanie, Thank you for your reading. I appreciate your time to craft this reading for me. My Tarot birth cards reflect quite well my inner-self. Your reading gave me a strong hope that the dark period will be overcome soon. So thank you for being encouraging. Kind Regards, Bea in Vietnam

Strong Hope

Your reading mirrors my Lenormand 5 card reading. Thanks for the reading. I feel much at ease now. -Farooq in the United Arab Emirates

Much at Ease

Dear Stephanie, thank you for an excellent reading. Rodoula in Cyprus

Excellent Reading

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