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Honoring Your Inner Work

Trying to make changes that aren’t sticking just yet? We’ll use the Tarot cards for intuitive guidance that works. How the magic of Imbolc can help.

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5 Steps to a Quick Yes/ No from Your Cards

Learn how to get a yes/ no answer quickly from the Tarot, even if you’re not familiar with all 78 card meanings.

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Journal Prompts for Calm on Wine Down Wednesday

8 journal prompts for calm: choose one based on the time and energy you’d like to spend on self-care right now.

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Overcoming: A List

A list of 10 things I’m proud of overcoming, like the fear of stuttering and disconnection from physical sensations

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October 2020 Shadow Work Box

Get the details on the October 2020 Goddess Box themed around shadow work. See the candle, crystal, tote bag, and more in this month’s box.

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Plan for Peace

Include your self in your schedule, plus my faves, the Desire Map Planner and Biddy Tarot Planner

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