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For those of you who read the cards, have you had mostly positive, neutral, or negative responses from your loved ones when you shared your interest in the Tarot? Or have you only shared your Tarot reading with certain people? Or no one at all?

Universal Mind Oracle and 78 Tarot Nautical

I first shared my interest in Tarot with my partner, who is caring and accepting of anything that gives me clarity, excitement, and ease. Next, I shared with my mystically-inclined sibling, and was pleased to learn they’d begun reading the cards a bit before before me. I’d accidentally ordered 2 collector’s editions of the 78 Tarot Nautical: Tarot of the Water and gifted one to my sibling over dinner and drinks. We had a lovely evening discussing the Tarot and its many uses.

My closest friends have been excited to receive monthly-ish Tarot readings, combined with Lenormand and Oracle cards for clarity. Some of my family members are conservative and religious people. So, we’ve either not spoken about Tarot in detail or they’ve expressed concern for my safety, considering their religious text’s warnings against related activities.

Overall, my loved ones have responded quite positively. I’m thankful for their support. Please share your experiences in the comments. I’d love to hear what you’ve gained from sharing your self-development practices with your inner circle.

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