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Dear Stephanie, thank you for an excellent reading. Rodoula in Cyprus

Excellent Reading

Hi Stephanie, Thank you for the guidance, it has been helpful! Nature has been awesome to be in, forgiveness and changing mind patterns is definitely something I am working on and will probably be the thing to change everything. All in all the reading was quite relevant. Thanks again! Wishing you love and wisdom! -L … Continue reading Quite Relevant

Quite Relevant

Stephanie, thank you for the time, energy and spirit you infused into this reading, it is greatly appreciated. I was moved to tears as I read your words. The clarity with which you expressed your insight from this reading allowed for few words to have a powerful effect. Literally every single one of your interpretations … Continue reading Deep Knowing of Issues Not Expressed

Deep Knowing of Issues Not Expressed

You completely answered my question. Thank you so much Stephanie! I was reading what you said over and over again! You gave a conclusion that I need to work on myself, and that I need time to heal myself. You completely gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward. I … Continue reading Very Detailed

Very Detailed

Need to Know

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