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February’s Snow Moon

Hi friends, today I’m sharing my Full Moon Tarot readings, but we’re shaking things up a bit. I’m using the Full Moon in Virgo spread from and Ethony*’s Lunar Spread from the Awakened Soul Oracle Deck Guidebook. Occurring in Virgo, this moon supports your productivity and organization efforts. It’s also a good time to improve your health if you’ve been considering making some positive changes in your emotional wellness, eating habits, and sleep schedule. The Full Moon is always the perfect time to forgive and release anything holding you back or keeping you stuck in negativity. I believe the Full Moon is in effect up to 3 days before and after the actual date (today, February 27th, 2021).

Full Moon in Virgo Spread from Labyrinthos

A Note on Signifiers and Querents–What They Are

Choosing a signifier card is an older Tarot practice, usually done by purposefully choosing a card to represent the person asking questions, AKA the querent (again, an older word not used as often now). “Querent” just means the person asking the questions. The querent may be the client the Tarot reader is working with or the reader if reading one’s own cards.

The Reading

I used the Book of Azathoth Tarot for this reading. You can find this spread and other free Full Moon spreads at Labyrinthos.

  1. Where can I be more organized?
    Hierophant (5) (bottom L): I can be more organized in the areas where I’m seeking success, my Tarot work and finances. Traditional approaches like keeping a blog post calendar and following a budget are my best bets here.
  2. What needs to be restructured?
    Fool (0) (bottom R): I need to restructure the areas where I’m taking risks and trying new things, specifically not beginning too many courses at once. (Just did this, btw. I’m super excited to be studying with Emilie Muniz for my Love Advisor Tarot Certification and with Caitlin Matanle in her 10 of Pentacles Mastermind on business.)
  3. How can I use my skills of problem solving to heal others?
    3 of Pentacles “Works” (top): Building on the Hierophant’s message in #1 above, I can serve others better by working steadily on posting, creating new Tarot readings, and learning to increase my skills. The shadow aspect is frantically trying to make anything or everything work at once, lacking direction.
  4. Signifier to represent the querent (person asking questions)
    Hermit (9) (bottom center): As the 9th card, the Hermit represents the sign of Virgo, which is my sign and very descriptive of my outward behavior and personality. Self-reflection is key to all of these answers, including what to organize and restructure and what skills to offer others. Virgo is often a service-minded sign.
Top: 3 of Pentacles “Works”
Bottom L to R: the Hierophant (5), the Hermit (9), and the Fool (0) from the Book of Azathoth Tarot

Awakened Soul Oracle Lunar Spread

This spread is taken from Ethony*’s Awakened Soul Oracle Deck Guidebook. I’m using the same deck, the Awakened Soul Oracle.

  1. New Moon – What is sprouting?
    Judgment (top R): This card is my reminder not to judge myself so harshly for picking up two courses at once–I did so because I believe they’ll both spark great improvements in how I serve my Tarot clients.
  2. Waxing Moon – What is gaining momentum?
    Desire (top middle column): My motivation and passion for helping more people find peace through Tarot is definitely gaining momentum. I’m excited to see how much difference I can make in others’ lives in the next few months.
  3. Full Moon – Where is my power? Where should I focus?
    Dream (far L): My power is in my inspiration, my dream from the beginning, to help people who are ready for change to find peace and abundance through practical, empowering Tarot guidance. Now I’m honing my audience to specialize in serving people in the adult industry and those who are BBIPOC and LGBTQIA+.
  4. Waning Moon – What needs releasing?
    Simplicity (bottom middle column): I’m releasing complexity and my tendency to over-complicate things for myself.
  5. Dark Moon – What is hidden from me? What can’t I see?
    Cleanse (bottom R): There are energy blocks to be released under this Full Moon that have caused stagnation and kept me feeling small. I choose to forgive and release so there’s room (and energy) for me to grow.
Far L: Dream
Top Middle: Desire * Bottom Middle: Simplicity
Top R: Judgement * Bottom R: Cleanse

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