Even Happier Pumpkins

Happy Fall from Stephanie Dreams Tarot

Hi again, today I added a fabulously detailed Samhain 9-Card Tarot Spread created by Rowan Morgana of MorganaMagickSpell.com, to the other Halloween Samhain spreads available to you.

For my Southern Hemisphere clients, I’ve added 2 Spring Beltane Tarot Spreads to my offerings. All of my seasonal Halloween, Samhain, and Beltane readings will be available till November 7th and again April 2nd through May 7th annually (Spring/ May Day/ Beltane in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn/ Samhain in the Southern Hemisphere).

My Etsy Shop got a good polishing as well, with a few of my regularly-offered readings added and descriptions updated for clarity. Remember I have a 20% off $10+ sale on Etsy till All Hallows Eve (07 Nov 2020)!

I also spent time double-checking the instructions and links you receive when purchasing my readings. It’s important that you continue to have smooth checkout experiences (super thankful for no issues to date!), so you can get meaningful answers and clear guidance as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading! I appreciate you.