Feeling Self-Conscious?

Pink lotus on water

Read this and relax, friend.

Yesterday evening, I went outside to clean off my mailbox. I was talking myself through some energetic upgrades, clearing some negative beliefs about money and replacing them with positive new expectations. I decided that physically cleaning my mailbox would help me solidify my new expectations, specifically around what comes in the mail for me.

Let me explain. Have you ever thought of someone and then they messaged or called you? I believe we have an awareness that we don’t always consciously realize. And I feel that our beliefs and actions determine much of what happens in our lives. If we tell ourselves something often enough, we may begin to believe it. Thoughts become beliefs. We act on our beliefs, whether consciously or not.

So, I understand that redirecting my thoughts can change my beliefs and set up new ones. If you’re writing or typing, then you answer a question aloud, sometimes you’ll begin writing the words you’re saying. This happens because our brains stop to hear what our mouths are saying. I take advantage of this by stating out loud what I want to happen and what I’m upgrading my beliefs to be.

I’m outside at dusk, wiping bird droppings off my mailbox and saying aloud, “I get checks in the mail. This mailbox gets checks and notices that my debts are paid off. I am supported by money. I have more than enough money to help others. I have more than enough money to support others who are doing great work. I receive money easily.”

As I’m doing this, I notice someone pedaling a recumbent bike up my street slowly. Not wanting to disturb anyone by speaking to myself, I stopped talking as I waited for the person to pass. They slowed down a bit, so I said “hi”. No response. Okay. Then, the person totally stopped right at my driveway, just a few feet from me. I figured they wanted to talk or had something to say to me. After a few seconds of silence, I spoke up. “Doing alright this evening?”

The biker jumped. She hadn’t even noticed me standing there. I was concerned about seeming too odd to a person who didn’t have the first thought about me. Next time you’re concerned about how others are perceiving you, remember that they may have other things on their mind. So really, take a deep breath and relax.