Four Corners Reading

Pink and Purple Sunset over Snowy Trees

Tarot Spread from Sacred Forms Tarot Mat booklet

7 of Cups, 7 of Crystals (Pentacles), Ace of Wands, and Page of Swords on Sacred Forms Tarot Mat

Today’s reading uses Danielle Noel’s 4 Corners Spread from the booklet that came with her Sacred Forms Tarot Mat. I ordered the mat with the Starchild Tarot, 1st edition reprint, Rose Portal box. With shades of soft pink and bluish lavender, this mat pairs beautifully with the Starchild Tarot, Starseed Oracle, and the Work Your Light Oracle. I would like to note that my gray cat sat under my Tarot desk and purred loudly the entire time I was doing this spread this morning.

7 of Cups, 7 of Crystals (Pentacles), Ace of Wands, and Page of Swords from the Starchild Tarot

The Tarot Reading

1. How can I work toward attaining my dreams?
7 of Cups (top L): Wishful thinking, daydreaming, choices. Be more realistic in your goals and choose focus areas. Within those focus areas though, it’s okay to follow your imagination for new ideas.

2. How can I connect with my higher self?
7 of Crystals (Pentacles, top R): Contemplation, visions, meditation. Meditate on meeting and consulting your higher self. Take a new perspective of your life goals. Rest and reevaluate when you feel stuck. Trust your instincts. The shadow message represents “putting in everything you have, emotionally and mentally, and not manifesting your plans.”

3. What healing needs to take place?
Ace of Cups (bottom R): Creation, beginning, soul purpose, birth, inheritance. Regarding your history, the beginning of your life, you were taught that…
Opportunities are a reason to fear.
Skills and talents can cause a cold shoulder from peers.
Creativity sometimes leads to rejection.
Expression is met with invalidation.

4. How is my past affecting my present situation?
Page of Swords (bottom L): Knowledgeable, logical, enthusiastic. Unresolved emotional issues related to the areas needing healing above in question 3 include concern for the views of those around you. It’s time to move forward and express yourself more to overcome difficulty manifesting your thoughts and plans.

My Tarot journal with the 7 of Cups, 7 of Crystals (Pentacles), Ace of Wands, and Page of Swords

Tarot Journaling

I find that recording my personal readings in journal helps me expand my interpretation more fully, maybe because I’m primed to write out my thoughts and feelings when I open a journal. This differs from client readings because I tend to take a few notes about meanings, significance, and intuitive sparks on paper during the reading, then type it up in full rather than handwriting my interpretation. As you probably noticed in the photo above, I leave space between card interpretations for thoughts, events, and further insights that occur later. I re-read my Tarot journal entries from time to time and I sometimes get new understanding of situations and answers.

Tarot for Self Care

Delving into my hopes, thoughts, their opposites, and what needs healing can all be unnerving for me, even downright frightening, as I imagine shadow work can be for anyone. Tarot and oracle readings that help you tenderly explore unresolved issues are an excellent form of self care. Gentle shadow work that allows you to understand your self and your history can also help you accept your self more fully. Not all self-healing requires trances and chants, though they can certainly be useful tools when used with care and grounding.

Please take care when beginning to explore shadow work, especially when you and/or your teacher are new to such deep, powerful practices. By care, I mean physical care (such as eating and resting well, drinking plenty of water, and any movement that you enjoy), along with emotional and spiritual care. It bears repeating that you need to approach shadow work with kindness toward yourself and with firm grounding, particularly as you try new methods. A teacher who includes those components may be more likely to help you successfully heal target areas. Remember that the cards will respond if you focus on your question as you shuffle and choose your cards, so don’t ask if you aren’t ready for the answer.

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