Full Moon in Gemini Tarot Spreads

Full moon in night sky with purple galaxy

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Congratulations to November 3-Card Reading winner Jody in Atlanta, GA! Jody is receiving a One Question Reading, using the Tarot or Lenormand deck of his choice.

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Full Moon in Gemini Tarot Spreads

Next moon phase: Full Moon in Gemini on Monday, 30 Nov 2020

Anxious about time rushing past you? Following the moon phases is the perfect meaningful way to mark the passage of time. As in all things, I recommend starting small and keeping it simple–if you only track one moon phase, consider following the full moon dates. The full moon is a time of high energy and high emotions, so while you may get a lot done, it’s also helpful to be aware that you may feel more strongly than at other times of the month.

Understanding the (Very) Basics of the Moon Phases

Image credit: Universe Today, https://www.universetoday.com/13533/astronomy-for-kids-fun-with-the-moon/

An easy way to classify the many moon phases is to recognize that when the moon is full, it will “wane” or appear to become smaller for approximately 2 weeks until the new moon. The new moon will then “wax” or increase in visibility for 2 more weeks until the next full moon. Full moon –> waning for 2 wks –> new moon –> waxing for 2 wks –> next full moon.

As the moon gets smaller, it’s called a “waning moon”. As it becomes fuller, the moon is called a “waxing moon”. Keep it simple with Biddy Tarot’s New and Full Moon Spreads you can reuse every month. Get a 6-card spread, guided meditation audio, and general journal prompts for each of the 2 main phases free.

Moon Signs

Just like the sun goes through each of the astrological signs for about a month, the moon goes through the signs a few days at a time. So, the moon changes signs much more often than the sun does. Layering the astrological sign the full moon is in provides you with even more insight. Naturally, Tarot readings based on the full moon’s current sign are perfect for learning which challenges and opportunities you may face in the next few weeks. Labyrinthos Academy’s Full Moon spreads and Ethony*’s annual Tarot by the Moon Guide are my 2 favorite sources for full moon reflection spreads specific to the sign the moon is in.

Gemini Full Moon Spread at Labyrinthos – See all of Labyrinthos’ Full Moon Spreads by sign in Resources below


Moon Phase Today at LunaF – A simple page with the current day’s moon phase and sign, the next moon phase and date, and astrological sign references

Ethony*’s 2021 Tarot by the Moon Guide – Get your free copy for the 2021 New and Full Moon Tarot spreads organized by date. You’ll also receive the download link for the 2020 Tarot by the Moon Guide on the same page so you can finish out this year with specific spreads for each new and full moon by sign.

Full Moon Spreads by astro sign from Labyrinthos Academy

How to Work with Each Moon Phase at the Numinous – Includes the difference between the dark moon and new moon, a helpful distinction if you’re ready to go deeper. This article lists the new, full, and quarter moons for a bit more depth than I’ve included above.