Full Moon Names by Month

Full Moon over mountains, Native American Full Moon Names

Native American Full Moon Names

Most of the commonly accepted full moon names used in North America are derived from the names given by Native American tribes, specifically the Eastern Cherokee. You may already know that many of those names describe what’s happening in nature and agricultural practices around that time of year, like the February Snow Moon. The moon names also reflect Anglo-Saxon influence.

Based on a Native American tribe’s location, their full moon names may reflect behaviors of animals native to that area, such as the Northern Arapaho’s March full moon “Buffalo dropping their calves” (references listed below post). Due to differing weather patterns depending upon location, certain plants are best planted or harvested in the previous or following month. For example, the Flower Moon is primarily in May, but for some tribes it fell in June.

This month-shifting can also occur when the full moon is named for another astronomical event, such as the Harvest Moon, which is the full moon nearest the Autumn Equinox. In 2 out of 3 years, the Harvest Moon occurs in September (in 2020, the Harvest Moon fell in early October). Learn more about how the full moons got their names at “Traditional Full Moon Names” from timeanddate.com.

Below, I list the most commonly-used names for each full moon by month (along with a few other interesting names), their 2021 dates for the US, and the sign in which the full moon occurs.

January Full Moon: Wolf, Old, Great Spirit, Winter
Thursday, January 28th, 2021 in Leo

February: Snow, Sleet, Hunger, Bone, Trapper’s
Saturday, February 27th, 2021 in Virgo

March: Worm, Crow, Sap, Windy
Sunday, March 28th, 2021 in Libra

April: Pink, Sprouting Grass, Egg, Fish, Leaf
Monday, April 26th, 2021 in Scorpio–Supermoon

May: Flower, Blossom, Planting, Corn Planting, Milk
Wednesday, May 26th, 2021 in Sagittarius–Supermoon Eclipse

June: Strawberry, Rose
Thursday, June 24th, 2021 in Capricorn

July: Buck, Thunder, Hay, Raspberry, Hot, Little Ripening
Friday, July 23rd, 2021 in Aquarius

August: Sturgeon, Berry, Big Ripening, Blackberry
Sunday, August 22nd, 2021 in Aquarius–Blue (3rd of 4 full moons in a season, summer)

September: Harvest (Full moon closest to the Autumn Equinox), Corn, Rice, Drying Grass, Plum
Monday, September 20th, 2021 in Pisces

October: Hunter’s, Falling Leaves
Wednesday, October 20th, 2021 in Aries

November: Beaver, Frost, Freezing
Friday, November 19th, 2021 in Taurus–Eclipse

December: Cold, Long Night, Popping Trees, Little Spirit
Saturday, December 18th, 2021 in Gemini


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