Guidance for Today

3-Card Tarot Reading by Stephanie Dreams Tarot

Today’s reading answers 3 questions: “1) What should I expect today? 2) How should I respond? 3) What should I keep in mind?”. I usually use the questions that come to mind at the time of my reading, rather than using a set spread. The decks are the Starchild Tarot by Danielle Noel and the Starseed Oracle by Danielle Noel and Rebecca Campbell.

First, for “What should I expect today?”, the 7 of Pentacles advises us to adapt using the lessons we’ve learned and to work smarter toward a specific goal, not harder. Slow down and evaluate how effective your methods are. Are they bringing the results you want?

Next, for how to respond, the King of Cups teaches us to master our emotions. We may feel overwhelmed or as if we’ve wasted our time when we contemplate whether our work has been effective. To get a handle on your emotions while still validating them, ask yourself, “Is my emotional reaction proportional to what’s happened?”. If not, allow yourself to feel what you feel, then choose how to best respond in a way that preserves your progress to your goals. You don’t need to tear everything down when you find an event upsetting. Remember, progress is progress. Discovering a simpler way to achieve what we’re working for doesn’t mean our previous efforts were wrong, just that we’re better guided now.

Last, for “What to keep in mind”, the 7 of Swords asks us to be strategic. While the 7 of Pentacles advised working smarter, the 7 of Swords gives us specific guidance: figure out which swords you want, pick those up to take with you, and leave the rest. In other words, decide what matters most to you and go after that. You can pursue the lower priorities at a later time.

The 7 of Swords also reminds us to beware deceiving ourselves. Just because we believe someone else wants us to do or be certain things doesn’t mean a) that person actually wants those things from us or b) that those actions would be beneficial. If you’re striving to meet someone else’s need, why not ask that person what they really need from you. It’s probably not what you think. Don’t assume.

Finally, the New Earth oracle card offers some encouragement: “It’s happening. Keep holding the vision.” You’re making a difference. Revising your methods will add some ease to your path. Don’t give up now.

Take care and thanks for reading!