Honoring Your Inner Work

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The magic of starting again…and again

So many of us are working through major challenges to make something better for ourselves. We push and we try and we mess up and we try again…and we get tired. I’m definitely seeing it in my Tarot readings. We’re ready for change. February 1st is Imbolc, an earth-based holiday honoring the transition between winter and spring. The Imbolc Sabbat, at its heart, is about renewal and rebirth. (What’s a sabbat?) Right now, there’s energy available to support the inner work we’re trying to do. Imbolc is a perfect time to throw out what’s not working so there’s room for what is.

When we decide to change a habit or relationship for the better, we’re renewing ourselves. Getting rid of the old stuff makes way for what’s new and beautiful. Yes, we get off track sometimes but the magic is in coming back to what you’re creating. Reaching a goal isn’t usually easy. You’re not the only one who can’t just manifest at a moment’s notice. It’s the little choices we make through the day that add up over the weeks and months. And we can support each other in making those little choices that make us feel happy and fulfilled. We can take one step at a time, one situation at a time, toward a life we love.

What kind of change do you want to make in your life? An intuitive Tarot reading may be just the thing to spark your progress. Let’s work together to find a few ways you can handle stress in the moment. No judgment here, we can get real about your 12 step or your poly ex or anything else that keeps you frustrated.

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