I Got a Tarot Reading. Now What?

Tarot cards on table

What to Do with Your Tarot Interpretation

  1. If you got a reading from someone else, read through the interpretation carefully. If you read for yourself, journal the cards you got for each question or position and leave space to add notes later. Look at each card individually and then at all the cards as a whole, making note of any ideas or phrases that come to mind. You might consider including Tarot readings you receive from others in your Tarot journal–just an idea. My suggestions are just that, “more like guidelines than actual rules.” I’ll always encourage you to do what feels and works best for YOU.
  2. Set aside your interpretation or your Tarot journal entry on the reading. Your mind will continue to turn over the pieces subconsciously. Have you ever been doing some routine activity on auto-pilot (like showering, walking a familiar route) and gotten a major aha? That’s exactly what I mean. This is the one of the big reasons I feel Tarot is so valuable–even when we’re not actively thinking about a specific situation, getting or doing a Tarot reading sparks our intuition on that topic.
  3. Come back to the interpretation in 2 weeks (put it in your phone calendar!) and reread it, all the way through. Be prepared, with pen in hand, to add new insights to your initial understanding of the answers. This is why I recommend leaving space for notes when you journal your readings.

I Think This Reading’s Wrong

Guess what? Same tips apply. Especially if you think the reading’s wrong. In a week or so, you’ll gain more clarity on the topic when you review it. You may be more emotionally distanced from the topic and better able to follow the interpretation from a logical standpoint. There are likely to be developments in the situation or your way of perceiving it that make your reading clearer.

So many clients who reject a reading as wrong or “just did not resonate” come back in several weeks to say I was spot on, that the reading really did answer their questions. Time will clarify the meaning, if it’s not immediately clear.

Reading the Tarot Again on the Same Question

Please remember that best practice is to wait several weeks or until there’s a significant change in the situation before asking the same questions or reading on the same exact topic. First, you need to have confidence in your own readings or in your reader’s interpretation. Seeking a new answer to the same question demonstrates distrust of the message you previously received. Second, you may increase your confusion or uncertainty by getting conflicting answers. Worse, you could also just get muddy, unclear answers in the following readings.

Your best bet is to request or do one reading on the topic, sit with the answer, and review the reading in 1 to 2 weeks to get more insight. WAIT until the situation changes to request another reading on it.

Thanks for reading? I’d love to hear about your experience with the perfect amount of time to wait between readings on the same question. Tag @stephaniedreamstarot on IG or @dreamstarot on Twitter.