Isis Oracle Deck in My Goddess Box

the great sphinx

Today in my February 2021 Goddess Box (affiliate link), I received the Egyptian-themed Isis Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild. See the video clip below for this month’s Isis Wisdom Goddess Box contents.

Similar to my Akashic Oracle deck, each card of the Isis Oracle deck has different artwork printed on the back. This allows the reader to choose cards in their usual fashion or to pick cards with artwork that speaks to them. Deck creator Alana Fairchild recommends using the deck for single-card draws for “quick and clear guidance”. The Wing of Isis Spread is also included. Below, I share my personal reading.

Scales of Balance, Rising Sun, Pillar of Light, Portal of Light, and Queen of Heaven cards from Alana Fairchild’s Isis Oracle deck

Wing of Isis Reading

  1. What is the real issue for me right now on a spiritual level?
    Scales of Balance: Reconnecting my mind and body will allow me to heal. Gaining insight into divine feminine wisdom is another benefit and can be achieved through play, dance, or yoga.
  2. How can I best heal that in my day-to-day life?
    Rising Sun: Recognize that the dark phase has passed and a new phase of hope and triumph is here. After acknowledging past struggles, expand into the light.
  3. What will the gift or outcome of this be?
    Pillar of Light: The peace and protection of Isis surrounds me like a pillar of light. It’s purifying fire burns away the dross, leaving only unconditional love.
  4. What is the biggest challenge or opportunity for me to get to the best outcome?
    Portal of Light: Both the challenge and the reward of this process are learning to transcend the limits of the physical realm, bounded by space and time. This expanded consciousness will allow my healing abilities to be applied more widely.
  5. What special guidance is there to help me resolve this in the best way, now?
    Queen of Heaven: The Queen of Heaven, another name for Isis, is available to encourage me to bring more mercy, compassion, and wisdom into the world.

I need to recognize that a recent dark period has ended–I’m not still stuck there. It’s necessary to reconnect with my body and its wisdom through movement, especially yoga or dance, so I can experience peace. Learning to transcend the physical realm will allow me to share more of the peace I’ve gained and more of my healing abilities. The energy of Isis is available to support my bringing more compassion and wisdom to others.

Overall, I enjoy reading with this deck. I like the art-therapy-like aspect of choosing your message by its artwork. It’s intuitive and clearly recognizes that all people have both male and female energy/ aspects. The card messages are written to encourage and build up the person receiving the reading. I believe people generally experience too much criticism and harshness, and in light of that, my readings should encourage people to build on their strengths.

I also feel that accepting, valuing, and integrating our male and female aspects is key to becoming a whole and healthy person, regardless of how we choose to present ourselves. This deck is not only easy to read–it also aligns with two of my personal beliefs about the importance of building people up honestly and helping them fully accept and honor themselves.