Resources for Tarot and Lenormand

“The more a person knows, the more willing they are to learn. The less a person knows, the more positive they are that they know everything…” 
― Robert G. Ingersoll

Biddy Tarot

Biddy Tarot invites people of all skills and abilities to learn to read Tarot, no woo-woo powers required. I’m pursuing my Tarot Reader Certification with Biddy Tarot, as Brigit approaches the cards with both a wealth of knowledge–gained from her extensive studies and from readings with thousands of clients–and an open mind for the specific messages the cards may offer to a particular client or about the situation at hand.

Kate at Daily Tarot Girl offers ways to use the Tarot cards for fun, personal growth, and empowerment. While Kate generally offers readings only in January, and I highly recommend following or subscribing to her updates so you don’t miss out. I’ve had the privilege of receiving two readings from Kate and she’s absolutely stellar.

Learn with the Tarot School.

Emily Rose Divination teaches the Lenormand cards as a sassy best friend who gets right to the point.

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Stephanie Dreams answered my question fully, the response mirrored my own thoughts on where we find ourselves. Sometimes all we need is for someone to confirm or reflect back our own thoughts on a situation, obviously it was pleasing that the cards indicated potential success if we follow this route, but not without serious effort … Continue reading Answered What I Needed to Know

Answered What I Needed to Know

You gave me the insight needed to take action. Thank you so much for this reading! It was very helpful and insightful! Have a wonderful day! -W in Belgium

Gave Me the Insight Needed

Stephanie provided me a lot of insight for the questions I asked. It’s given me a lot to think about and really assess my current situation. There was not sugar coating to make the reading “lighter”. Stephanie’s reading was detailed and straight to the point. LT in the US

Straight to the Point

Thank you very much. Muhammad A. in Pakistan

Thank You

Need to Know

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