Resources for Tarot and Lenormand

“The more a person knows, the more willing they are to learn. The less a person knows, the more positive they are that they know everything…” 
― Robert G. Ingersoll

Biddy Tarot

Biddy Tarot invites people of all skills and abilities to learn to read Tarot, no woo-woo powers required. I’m pursuing my Tarot Reader Certification with Biddy Tarot, as Brigit approaches the cards with both a wealth of knowledge–gained from her extensive studies and from readings with thousands of clients–and an open mind for the specific messages the cards may offer to a particular client or about the situation at hand.

Kate at Daily Tarot Girl offers ways to use the Tarot cards for fun, personal growth, and empowerment. While Kate generally offers readings only in January, and I highly recommend following or subscribing to her updates so you don’t miss out. I’ve had the privilege of receiving two readings from Kate and she’s absolutely stellar.

Learn with the Tarot School.

Emily Rose Divination teaches the Lenormand cards as a sassy best friend who gets right to the point.

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This is really interesting. It gives me lots to think about. The boat symbol is cool. Rejection is hard but I plough on. I may move on from [that situation]. Interesting. Thanks for a great positive reading. -Carol in the United Kingdom

Thanks for a great, positive reading

Thanks a lot Stephanie. Love and light to you. Stephanie is wonderful. What I appreciated about this reading how detailed it was.  -B in Germany

Appreciated the Detail

Dear Stephanie, thank you for an excellent reading. Rodoula in Cyprus

Excellent Reading

Hi Stephanie, First of all, I would just like to say a hearty thank you for taking the time to give me a reading. I appreciate it immensely! As for the reading itself, I am blown away by the positivity flowing from it! After such a difficult first half of the year, it warmed me … Continue reading Blown away by the positivity

Blown away by the positivity

Need to Know

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