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Including 235 Free Tarot Spreads

“The more a person knows, the more willing they are to learn.

The less a person knows, the more positive they are that they know everything…” 

-Robert Ingersall

This is a growing collection of my favorite lists, posts, and articles for learning Tarot and Lenormand, Tarot card spreads, Lenormand spreads, plus fun and valuable freebies. Next to each section heading, I’ve listed the number of FREE resources in that section.

Last updated 02 March 2021 with free Tarot Readings from the Tarot Association of the British Isles

Tarot Card Meanings Resources (4 Free resources) – Different methods to learn the meanings of the Tarot cards, your first step if you’re new to this rewarding practice.

Tarot Learning Resources (10) – Learn to read the Tarot with tutorials, Articles, Webinars, and Suggested Decks, plus articles for coming out of the Tarot closet.

Tarot Spreads (10 Free Resources containing 234 Tarot spreads)

Resources for Experienced Tarot Readers (4) – Familiar with the cards and looking to deepen your practice? Explore using multiple decks in a reading, Tarot birth cards, decks for seasoned readers, and free courses on Tarot-related topics to enhance your readings.

Free Tarot Readings (11) – Choose whether you A) work with a live Tarot reader in exchange for your feedback OR B) select your own Tarot cards in an automated reading.

Tarot Decks for Download & Other Freebies (7)

Browse Tarot Deck Collections (3) – Look up a deck you’re considering purchasing to determine whether you connect well with the imagery.

Lenormand Learning Resources (2)

Lenormand Card Meanings Resources (2)

Oracle Card Decks for Download & Other Freebies (8) – Free printable decks and instant readings

Resources for Better Living (6) – More ease, more flow, and less stress–that’s what I mean by “better living”. These free resources include self-care, an energy healing audio course, crystals, numerology, astrology, and meditations.

Tarot Card Meanings Resources (5 Free)

(2) Daily Tarot Girl’s Tips for Learning Tarot Card Meanings and free printable List of Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot Card Meanings from the American Tarot Association (ATA) – using Rider-Waite Tarot card images

(2) Tarot Card Meanings at Biddy Tarot – divided into Major Arcana and Minor Arcana Suits, plus the Free Printable Tarot Card Meanings Keywords

Learn to Read the Tarot (10)

Biddy Tarot – Start here! Printables, articles, and free webinars, all neatly packaged for you!

How to Read Tarot Accurately for Yourself, an article at Biddy Tarot perfect for those learning the meanings and preparing to read their own cards

How to Rapidly Boost Your Tarot Reading Confidence, a free 60-minute training webinar at Biddy Tarot – Increase your trust in your own intuition.

How to Do a Basic 3-Card Tarot Spread at Daily Tarot Girl – While we may sometimes call 3-card spreads “basic”, they are the building blocks for other spreads and they can provide a great deal of useful information.

Ethony* Dawn’s Top 15 Decks for Beginners

Free Tarot Tutorials from Ethony*

Coming Out of the Tarot Reader Closet from Ethony*

Coming Out Tarot by Stephanie Dreams

Free Mini Tarot Tutorial course from Liz Worth – Six of Liz’s best Tarot lessons in an easy-to-follow email series, including common roadblocks Tarot readers face, the importance of clear questions, and how to know if your reading is accurate.

Check out Benebell Wen’s Self-Study Tarot page for an excellent overview of the three main types of Tarot decks, practical ways to learn the cards, free printable decks, and several trusted sites for Tarot card meanings.

Resources for Experienced Tarot Readers (4)

Ethony*’s Top 15 Decks for Experienced Readers

Using Multiple Decks in a Reading from Ethony*

Birth Card Meanings Notebook at the Tarot School – Everyone has 1 to 3 Tarot birth cards, depending upon the system used. Tarot birth cards give a general framework for understanding personality, similar to Life Path numbers and astrological sun signs. I use the 2- to 3-birth card system, as linked above.

Free Courses from Benebell Wen – Many of her courses are on Tarot-related topics, and will be more appropriate for Tarot readers already familiar with the cards. Free offerings include Chinese occultism, and free companion courses to her book and deck. Be aware that Benebell takes a scholarly, detailed approach to learning and teaching.

Tarot Spreads (235 Free Tarot Spreads)

Labyrinthos Academy’s Tarot Spreads List (79 spreads) – Organized links to 7 love & relationships spreads, 7 career (starting a business, job search) spreads, 29 daily spreads listed in the bullet points below, 10 spiritual & self care, 13 Full Moon Tarot spreads (1 general Full Moon spread + 12 spreads by sign), 12 New Moon spreads by astrological sign, and 1 solar eclipse spread. This is my favorite resource for free Tarot spreads!

Mat Auryn’s Interview Your Tarot Deck Spread for new decks, plus an example reading

Get to Know Me Tarot Spread at ethony.com to learn more about a new deck

Biddy Tarot’s Tarot Spreads Archive (30+ spread articles including over 34 spreads)- Astrology, business, and relationship Tarot spreads

  • New and Full Moon Rituals (2 spreads) – If you’d like to begin or continue honoring the moon phases, these two 6-card spreads, complete with a guided meditation and basic journaling prompts for each, are the perfect way to stay in tune with the moon. These 2 spreads can be reused every month.
  • 25 Easy 3-Card Spreads – Keep it simple but meaningful with easy spreads for the future, understanding the past, love, decision-making, and self-discovery. This is a perfect place to find Tarot spreads that meet your needs with clear answers.

2021 Tarot by the Moon by Ethony* (24 spreads) – Free guide to New and Full Moon Tarot spreads for each sign organized by date

Free Tarot Spreads and Journal Prompts Booklet (8 spreads) at Starchild Tarot – Danielle Noel’s gorgeous printable spreads and Tarot journaling pages, with single-card draw ideas, 3-card spreads, and more complex spreads for self-discovery and spirituality.

Tarot Card Spreads at Daily Tarot Girl (26 spreads) – 9 excellent and free love and relationship Tarot card spreads, along with 3 classic spreads, 5 holiday and seasonal spreads (Kate’s Summer Check In Spread is my favorite for a check in anytime!), 4 spiritual and self-help spreads, 3 life purpose spreads, and 2 miscellaneous spreads (to meet your alter ego and for cat lovers)

25 Spreads from the International Tarot Foundation – In-depth spreads (mostly 5+ cards) for family and relationships, the Sabbats, New and Full Moon, and a deck interview spread.

Tarot Spread Practice from Benebell Wen (37 spreads) – a free PDF document teaching many kinds of spreads including 3 variations on the Celtic Cross. This was created as a supplement to her scholarly Holistic Tarot book, and she offers it free on her Self-Study Tarot page of resources.

Free Tarot Card Readings (11)

This is not a comprehensive list. I include sites below that appear well-maintained and that I might consider visiting if I were seeking a free reading.

Biddy Tarot Free Tarot Readings – Request a free one-question Tarot reading every 2 weeks in exchange for giving your feedback. Your randomly-selected reader may be brand new or experienced. Due to the popularity of their free readings, you may need to return to the site later if no readers are available.

This is a great place to practice your readings, whether you’re an experienced reader keeping your skills sharp, want to give back to the community, or need the feedback as you learn.

TABI Free Tarot Readings by email – Readings provided by free readers within 5 to 7 days, may request a new reading once every 30 days.

Automated Readings

Automated readings are software-generated and are often completed by clicking on images of cards.

Free Reading Directory at the Tarot School – NOTE that some of the Tarot School’s links are outdated or broken, so I’m starting a list below of working links where you can get your readings! Extensive list of mostly automated readings (ie. choose your own cards, software-generated Tarot readings).

  • 7Tarot: Visually appealing animations with a 8 large readings (some 8-12 cards) to choose from. Click “Start the adventure” to begin. Use the > symbols on either side of the main image to navigate between the types of readings available.
  • The Artist’s Inner Vision Tarot: Quick 1-card answer
  • Byzant Tarot: 18 spreads to choose from, ranging from 1 card to the Celtic cross (10 cards)
  • Eva Tarot: Use the top R corner hamburger menu (3 horizontal lines stacked) to navigate to the 7 different Tarot readings available.

Aeclectic Tarot’s Free Tarot Readings – Choose from 8 automated 1- to 10-card readings including a love reading and a past-present-future reading.

Gaian Tarot Oracle – An automated Opportunity, Challenge, and Resolution 3-card reading from the Major Arcana for your current situation with well-written interpretations for each position

Tarot Freebies (7)

Boost Your Tarot Reading Confidence: Free Meditation at Biddy Tarot

(3 Tarot decks) Oracle/ Tarot Cards Download Free from Hekate’s Crossing – 3 Tarot decks as ZIP files FREE to download, print, and use, including in paid card readings with credit to the creators at Hekate’s Crossing. More free decks are available, but without easy-to-download ZIP files.

Free Tarot Spread and Journal Prompts Booklet from the Starchild Tarot

How to Read Tarot Cards with Love, Light, and Intuition from Daily Tarot Girl – free 16-minute audio download, a guided exploration on the key to enhancing your intuition, clearing your deck, how to connect with your deck for better readings, and the step-by-step process of doing a one-card Tarot or Oracle reading.

Browse Tarot Deck Collections (3)

2000+ Tarot decks, Lenormand decks, and oracle decks at Aeclectic Tarot

100+ Tarot decks at Tarot.com – Scroll down for the full list.

Tarot decks at stephaniedreamstarot.com – Plus my Lenormand and oracle decks

Lenormand Learning Resources (2)

Free Mini Lenormand Course at Emily Rose Divination – includes how to do an actual Lenormand reading

Start Learning Lenormand – excellent free email course from Labyrinthos Academy from intro to Lenormand all the way through reading the 36-card Grand Tableau. Scroll down for the email sign up box.

Lenormand Card Meanings Resources (2)

Lenormand Card Meanings and Combinations at Emily Rose Divination

Lenormand Card Meanings and Combinations List at Labyrinthos Academy

Oracle Card Freebies (8)

Instant Guidance Oracle – Instant one-message oracle from Rebecca Campbell, author of Light is the New Black: A Guide to Answering Your Soul’s Callings

(3 oracle decks) Oracle/ Tarot Cards Download Free from Hekate’s Crossing – 3 oracle decks as ZIP files FREE to download, print, and use, including in paid oracle card readings with credit to the creators at Hekate’s Crossing. More free decks are available, but without easy-to-download ZIP files.

RITUALS FOR EVERY MOON PHASE // FREE PRINTABLE MOON CARDS” from Zenned Out – Printable 9-card moon phase deck with the energy and actions for each moon phase

Truthbomb Library from Danielle LaPorte – Find your truthbomb for today in this great library of cards from all 3 Truthbomb decks. Truthbombs are “declarations, big questions, and spirit reminders. One idea, at just the right time, could change your whole day, outlook… life.”

Prayers + Power Words Deck – Free printable oracle deck from Danielle LaPorte, creator of the Desire Map Planner. “This devotional deck is 12 prayers, poems, and power word sets for gratitude, asking for guidance, and committing to serve. Set the sacred tone for your day, or your time to rest and reflect.”

Resources for Better Living (6)

Goddess Provisions Blog – Learn about self-care, crystals, astrology, shadow work, and divination methods in this blog from the creators of the splendid monthly Goddess Box.

Monthly printable crystal note pages and crystal affirmations from Rocks with Sass

Discover Numerology at Numerologist.com – Free mini reports and tons of inspiring blog articles on living well

Numerology Guide to a Happy Life, a free numerology ebook from Happiness Coach Kari Samuels, plus a life path calculator

Soul Healing for Self Esteem audio course – Free from Kari Samuels, Happiness Coach

Free Online Astrology Books from Cafe Astrology – 5 books and courses