March Full Moon Tarot Guidance

Full moon in night sky with purple galaxy

Tarot for Forgiveness

The full moon is the perfect reminder to forgive and release each month, so you can move into gratitude. For today’s Crow Moon in Libra, I drew 2 oracle cards from the Ritual Deck to set the tone for the reading: Sri Yantra – Center, Transcendence, Freedom, and Throat Chakra – Authenticity, Communication, Leadership. From the Starchild Tarot I drew 4 cards in a new Full Moon Forgiveness Spread I created this morning.

Decks used: the Ritual Deck (top row), Starchild Tarot

Forgiving doesn’t mean what happened was right, simply that you’re choosing to move on and heal. Holding onto painful words or situations keeps you stuck, causing you to relive that moment. Forgiveness brings you freedom from the mental space and emotional energy the offense was taking up. It is a choice, and one that you must keep on making each time the issue arises. Forgiveness is for YOU.

Full Moon Forgiveness Spread

  1. What is – Current situation
  2. What to forgive – An offense or issue you haven’t let go
  3. How to forgive – Mindset to support your freedom
  4. How to keep forgiving and heal – Continue claiming your freedom

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Today’s Full Moon Tarot Reading

  1. What is
    8 of Cups (middle center): Choosing the lessons from a difficult situation to carry with us
  2. What to forgive
    6 of Swords (bottom L): An offense that disrupted harmony in your life and distracted you from thinking clearly
  3. How to forgive
    King of Cups (bottom center): Master your emotions rather than allowing them to overwhelm you.
  4. How to continue forgiving and heal
    the Sun (bottom R): Go back to warm memories of what was best and most joyful for you.

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