Meet Your Intuitive Tarot Reader

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Who is Stephanie Dreams?

Hi, friends! I recorded a quick video to introduce myself and share more about my Tarot reading style. Learn why I chose to become a certified Tarot reader and which of my pets is the most opinionated. Enjoy!


Hey, I’m Stephanie from Dreams Tarot and I wanted to introduce myself and share a little bit about my Tarot reading style. I am a Native American Tarot advisor and I read the cards intuitively, which means that when I look at the cards I pay attention to the first images that stand out, the first thoughts that come up for me as I’m reading, related to the question.

I believe that the Tarot is a great tool to help us tap into our inner wisdom. Rather than bringing in totally outside ideas, I feel that the cards help spark connections to ideas and solutions that we might not have come up with consciously, related to the problem we’re reading about.

I learned Tarot with my sibling Rikki and with Biddy Tarot. I’m a Certified Biddy Tarot Reader and a Certified Tarot Reader with the Tarot Guild as well. If you’re not familiar with Tarot certification, there’s no one standardized Tarot certification. It’s really a personal choice for the reader on whether to become certified.

Absolutely anyone can learn to read the Tarot cards. And, I actually do have Tarot foundations, my Tarot 101 course and I would love to support you in a stress-free environment to learn to read the cards.

So, with Tarot certification, the reader chooses to become certified, as I said. For me, it was a personal choice that I feel represents my dedication to providing high quality readings and to maintaining high ethical standards as I serve my clients.

So, let’s see, on a personal note, I am a mom to a couple of humans, a couple of cats, and a guinea pig–a very opinionated guinea pig who likes to tell us things about when he hasn’t had enough carrots lately, or broccoli. That’s a big one.

I grow a couple of herbs on my porch and one of my hobbies is tasting craft beers. I really enjoy trying new IPAs and stouts and definitely some porters in there as well. In my muggle job, I’m in healthcare. And if you have questions about my reading style or would like to book a reading with me, please visit me at I hope you have a great day!

Tarot Foundations, my supportive Tarot basics course