My Imbolc Tarot Reading

Tarot and oracle cards, runes, candles Imbolc spread at Stephanie Dreams Tarot

Redirecting my mind so better things can be set to bloom

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Today I’m sharing my personal Imbolc reading, using Ethony*’s spread. Get your Guides to Celebrating the Sabbats free. See me choosing and laying out my cards below and check out the video description for the candles, cards, and runes credits. This spread is laid out in a spiral pattern, beginning in the center and spiraling to the right.

  1. Me – Where I am right now (center)
    6 of Swords: Weary after battle. The past week at work was really difficult, dealing with a patient’s family member in the anger and denial phases of grief regarding my patient’s health. I need to recognize when I’m safe and allow myself to relax into it though. No need to stay on high alert by mentally replaying tough conversations.
    Algiz: Elk, higher self. There’s hidden danger in replaying difficult moments. Connecting with my higher self reminds me that I’m safe, protected, and provided for. Then, I can better help others through their struggles.
  2. Earth – What my body needs/ is trying to tell me (inner R upper corner)
    8 of Swords: Stuck, a trapped mind. Holding onto other people’s grief resulted in some unhealthy behaviors with food over the weekend. I’m value myself, my feelings, and my body more than those actions demonstrated, so I’m taking more care with myself today and looking forward to a relaxing soak this evening.
    Nauthiz: Need-fire. It’s both urgent and necessary that I release my mind from excessive worry so my body can also relax and heal.
  3. Water – What my emotions need/ trying to tell me (inner R lower corner)
    10 of Pentacles: End of a cycle/ financial phase. Binging on shopping neither honors the financial progress I’ve made over the last few years, nor does it promote my continued financial health. It’s time to focus on what’s good in my finances and get back to making choices in alignment with my goals.
    Othala: Homeland, inheritance. Again, I’m being called to refocus on the financial progress I’ve made and to continue that, rather than creating a stumbling block for myself.
  4. Fire – What my spirit needs/ trying to tell me (inner L lower corner)
    Page of Swords: Preparing for a mental adventure/ quest for knowledge. It’s time for a deeper dive into my spiritual abilities. Of the new healing modalities I’ve considered recently, which one would I like to learn next?
    Ehwaz: horse, trust. Rather than allowing my mind to continue in a negative direction, I must reconnect my mind and spirit in partnership towards building what’s next, moving toward my upcoming studies.
  5. Air – What my mind needs/ trying to tell me (inner L upper corner)
    10 of Wands: End of an energy cycle. It’s true that I’m worn out from struggling with overthinking. I’m reminding myself to keep it simple, including with recording this reading. Instead of overwhelming ourselves by trying to add too many things, my partner and I kept it simple and made a quick video that was ready to share within a couple hours.
    Perthro: the unknown, chance. Open up to what’s next, what’s new, instead of treading the same unhelpful path.
  6. The next step forward for my body (outer R upper corner)
    Page of Wands: New energetic pursuit. Work it out with passion. Reconnect to the physical and sensual to heal and re-energize.
  7. The next step forward for my emotions (outer R lower corner)
    Queen of Cups: Social butterfly. Remember that my friends want to hear from me and that they like to hear about my progress on things we’ve discussed.
  8. The next step forward for my spirit (outer L lower corner)
    The Empress (3): Sovereignty in my domain. Set, define, and defend my spiritual and energetic domain. This frees up more of my energy to support others.
  9. The next step forward for my mind (outer L upper corner)
    9 of Swords: the nightmare card. Holding onto others’ stress brought back a couple of recurring nightmares, no need to create burdens for myself. Using the phrases “I forgive you. I love you. I release you.” has been really healing lately. Forgiveness is a process, a work in progress, that needs repeating. It’s not a one-and-done sort of deal. t’s work worth doing though, because it releases us from the emotional burden of hanging on to offenses.

One Major Arcana card out of 9 cards total means I’m dealing with temporary conditions. Unfolding through emotional healing allows me to bloom. I’m thankful for the changes I’m making. Four Swords out of 9 cards points to the fact that I’m dealing with mindset issues and reminds me that the truth really can set me free. It’s common to see several Swords cards in readings for myself (both when I read for myself and when others read for me), and the 8 of Swords is my personal “major wakeup call” card.

The mind is powerful, and without care for the direction of our thoughts, it can create powerful negative feelings and conditions. The upside is that we can also steer ourselves in a much more loving and healthy direction.