October 2020 Shadow Work Box

Goddess Provisions Sacred Self Care Deck with crystals

Goddess Box, My Happy Mail

Very excited to report on the October Goddess Box, lovelies. First, this month’s theme is shadow work, the purposeful exploration of repressed thoughts, hidden fears, or “socially unacceptable” behaviors.

What Is Shadow Work and Why You Need It at Zenned Out

Shadow work can be incredibly empowering as we recognize, accept, and integrate these parts of ourselves. Learn more on how shadow work can benefit you at Well + Good.

Goddess Box is my favorite subscription because it’s consistently fabulous, without repeated items and with a crystal and 4+ full size items every month. I’ve received so many great decks and candles that I’m always stoked to open the next box, ready for new treasures.

What’s in the Box

This month’s Goddess Box included a gorgeous amethyst crystal-shaped candle, a tea light holder that casts a lotus shadow, a kyanite crystal, an organic chocolate bar, a pretty lotus temporary tattoo, and a balance-themed tote bag. Black kyanite (AKA the Witch’s Broom) is known for its straw broom-like appearance and its association with sweeping away negative attachments and cutting painful emotional cords.

Next Steps – Get Yours!

Discover 7 Keys to Shadow Work on the Goddess Provisions blog. The best news is that you can get your Shadow Work box here–new subscribers will receive the October box until it sells out (usually in the last few days of the month).