Over the Moon

Crescent Moon in a Purple Sky

Card of the Day: The Moon

Today’s card: the Moon (18) speaks to the power of the subconscious and the need to choose the messages we accept from it. While it’s where our intuition resides, the subconscious is also the keeper of dreams and nightmares. As in all things, I choose to be led by peace and brightness.

I’ve experienced the deep knowing of intuition since I was a child, understanding things that weren’t taught by an outside source. I’ve also had both vivid nightmares and lucid dreams since my childhood. The more I allow myself to unfold, to become more real and more in alignment with my true self, the fewer nightmares I have.

The messages I’m receiving today from the Moon are 1) acknowledging that I’m totally over the moon excited to meet Brigit of Biddy Tarot at the Everyday Tarot book signing tonight and 2) consciously choosing to end a stream of nightmares related to recent anxiety. The night is mine!

Deck used: 78 Tarot Nautical