Preparing for Samhain Readings

Pumpkins and candles on picnic table for autumn

Here are a few photos I took while preparing to my next batch of Samhain readings for clients. (Please note my supervisor in the background of the center photo.) Enjoy!

Above L: Samhain Reading using the Wild Unknown Tarot, Muses of Tarot (top L and R), and Indie Wild Rune Oracle (bottom R)

Center Photo: Chief Softness Officer Nala oversees my Tarot reading prep

Above R: Samhain 9-Card Reading* using the Arcana Iris Sacra, Muses of Tarot (top L and R), and the Indie Wild Rune Oracle (middle L and R)

*Samhain 9-Card Reading created by Rowan Morgana,

Halloween Samhain Readings are now closed. They’ll reopen in April for our Southern Hemisphere friends, when Spring Beltane Readings open.

Even more details! Limited edition Samhain Ancestor Jar 2020, gorgeous Daughter of the Night candle from AnitaApothecaryShop, and purple pentacle and black cauldron 3D printed by my partner.