Tarot Readings Offered

Are you over “super manifestors” telling you you’re just not thinking positively enough to change your circumstances? There’s a custom Tarot reading for that.

It’s not your fault you’re still held back by the same stressors, even though you’re trying your best to manifest your dream life.

Sure, avoiding thoughts of lack so you don’t keep manifesting bills sounds great, but you still need to figure out how to actually pay the bills stacking up on the counter, right? Of course you want to focus on the positive moments in your relationship so the universe will send you more–but that’s nearly impossible when your partner is hiding their text messages.

You need practical, proven Tarot guidance to finally achieve the noticeable results that the “power of positive thinking” folks promise. As a trusted Tarot advisor, I’ve helped hundreds of satisfied clients find direction with encouraging, compassionate Tarot readings. We’ll nail down some concrete steps to address what’s blocking your abundance and joy. LGBTQIA+, BBIPOC, providers, and their loved ones are always welcome.

I understand what struggling till you’re tired of trying feels like. Just a few short years ago, I was trying so hard to manage working 12h shifts while going back to school for my Master’s, going through a divorce, and helping my son through his worries about how our lives were changing. On top of that, a close friend totaled my car, just as my depression and insomnia were eating away at the bits of sanity I had left. I knew something had to change, that this wasn’t the kind of life I wanted my son to see as normal. I started looking for answers, in my massage therapy training, my counseling psychology background, and the wisdom my Native American grandparents and tribal elders had shared about connecting with nature.

Then, I found my first oracle deck and later my first Tarot deck, and I was hooked. Just by doing a quick spread, I found encouragement. Daily spreads provided me with clear actions to address my stressors in ways that supported my mental health, rather than adding to the weight of everything I was experiencing. Put this process on repeat, and I was regularly reading the cards, taking simple steps toward my goals, and gaining back my peace, a little at a time. My son was reporting better days at school and I felt like I could finally relax enough to enjoy playing Legos again.

And I want the same for you (with or without the Legos–your call!).

Since then, I’ve become a trained, experienced Tarot advisor certified by internationally-recognized organizations Biddy Tarot and the Tarot Guild. My amazing clients trust me with their secrets, fears, and dreams, so I take my responsibility to provide useful, confidential readings seriously. In return, I believe providing you with top-tier, empowering Tarot experiences is essential.

“WOW. This is a wonderful reading. Your energy, the way I feel; when I read this, I can tell you are tuned in to higher wisdom. I feel relief because this resonates so strongly and it was just what I needed to hear. It is also useful to see change on the horizon and if anything it makes me more motivated to work hard and get as much out of this experience as I can! I will be aware of any possible opportunities that might come up, so thank you. I feel very guided and supported, which is why I requested this reading. I feel like you care for your role in reading the Tarot and that is very honourable. Great. Keep it up and excited to see your impact on the world.”

-S in Australia, Tarot client

You’ll benefit from the powerful combination of my rich Native American heritage, degree in psychology, in-depth Biddy Tarot Certification Program education (approved by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists), and my professional background of 10+ years in crisis intervention.

Book your custom reading below to discover how consulting with a trusted Tarot advisor can dramatically improve your outlook. Pick the deck you’d like me to use and I’ll begin crafting your personalized reading right away. I’ve carefully designed your checkout experience so your questions are collected immediately after payment–no awkward waiting for me to email you first, or wondering if I’ve even received your request. Within a few minutes of payment, you’ll be well on your way to sharing the details I need to start working for you.

What to Expect

Your personalized reading will include clear answers, detailed explanations, and useful insights, delivered in a compassionate, respectful, and inclusive manner. Your well-being and personal empowerment are my top priorities.


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