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I tend to enjoy larger, brightly colored decks with cosmic or mystical themes, especially those by Tiffany Sosa of Boho and Indie Wild and by Danielle Noel. Below, I list the deck creator/ author first and if there is a separate artist, the artist(s) second.

Found a deck you love? Request your reading! All readings are LGBTQIA+, BBIPOC, and companion friendly!

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Tarot Decks

78 Tarot Nautical: Tarot of the Water

80-card oceanic Tarot deck (out of print) by the 78 Tarot Project, 2015

This was my first Tarot deck and is still the one I use most often. The large card size allows the jewel-toned oceanic artwork to shine. The 78 Tarot Project (Etsy), led by Kayti Welsh, produces a themed, diverse Tarot deck each year, with each artist contributing a one-card masterpiece. Visit 78 Tarot for free downloadable spreads by Trish Sullivan, more beautiful decks, and Tarot cloths.

The 78 Tarot Nautical Kickstarter and the sold out Etsy listing have the best images of the cards.


Arcana Iris Sacra Tarot

78-card vintage-style Tarot deck by Tina Gong of Labyrinthos Academy, 2019

Arcana Iris Sacra translates roughly to “Mysteries of the Sacred Rainbow”, according to the creator. This Tarot deck is modeled after the Golden Dawn tradition, rather than the more widely-known Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot style. The symbolism draws from astrology, the Kabbalah, and the Book of Thoth. I received this deck as a gift after expressing an interest in deepening my Tarot knowledge. See the Arcana Lenormand and Claves Astrologicae companion decks below. The corresponding Tarot cloth (1st photo on the L below) will be used.

Book of Azathoth Tarot Cards

78-card Lovecraft Tarot deck by Nemo’s Locker, 2013

“The Azathoth Tarot is Nemo’s Locker’s homage to the great HP Lovecraft and is intended to be a deck that might have existed in the Lovecraftian universe. Detailed pen and ink drawings depicting Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Deep Ones, devils, and other beings create this full 78 card Tarot deck.” Azathoth is a deity from Lovecraft’s Cthulu pantheon. This deck is sold out on the creator’s website but available on Amazon.

Everyday Tarot

78-card Tarot deck from Biddy Tarot

Tarot teacher and author Brigit Esselmont and illustrator Eleanor Grosch created a deck that is both modern (think clean lines and a simple color palette) and traditional. The small size, lovely illustrations, and simple images make the Everyday Tarot an easy favorite for readings on the go. Check out the Biddy Tarot post introducing both this deck and the Everyday Tarot book.

Stephanie, you know they say that we’re exactly where we need to be at the right time and I truly believe that I was led here for a reason. Before I even read what you had wrote, I started crying. I know this is the beginning of something very huge for me in the most… Read More »Exactly What I Needed

Exactly What I Needed

My Tarot birth cards reflect quite well my inner self. Your Tarot reading gave me strong hope. Thank you for being encouraging.

Strong Hope

Halloween Oracle: Lifting the Veil between Worlds Every Night

36-card oracle deck by Stacey Demarco and Jimmy Manton

Inner Child Oracle

40-card deck by Amanda Hails

Modern Love Tarot

78-card inclusive LGBTQ+ Tarot deck by Ethony*, 2021

Another vibrant deck from Ethony* with relatable imagery. The matte front cards have gilded edges and gold foil stamped backs. I find it easier to connect with these than with more traditional Rider-Waite-Smith decks. This is a great deck for anyone ready to read a deck that feels fresh and unique.

Penny Dreadful Tarot Cards: The Tarot of Vanessa Ives

78-card Tarot deck based on the Showtime series, 2014

I received this deck as a gift since I enjoyed the Showtime series “Penny Dreadful”. It appears similar to the Tarot deck used by Vanessa Ives in the show, complete with gruesome, creepy imagery. The simple line-drawing artwork is repeated across the numbered cards of each suit, as with Marseille-type decks. With thin card stock, the Penny Dreadful Tarot Cards are more a novelty or “art deck” than for daily readings. Showtime no longer links to this deck.

Stephanie’s reading answered all of my questions. Her answers were straight to the point. Very thorough!

Very Thorough

Thank you so much, Stephanie! I was reading what you said over and over again! You gave me the insight needed to move forward.

Very Detailed

Starchild Tarot

78-card mystical Tarot deck by Danielle Noel, 1st edition reprint, Rose Portal Box, 2020

This deck features “shimmering dreamscapes and psychedelic windows…blended with soft, photographic filters and textures” with gilded edges. While the satin matte finish has a nice feel, the cards are a bit difficult to shuffle. This deck was reprinted in 2020 with both the original turquoise box and this new Rose Portal box from an earlier drafted design–both contain the same cards and guidebook.

Save 15% at Danielle Noel creations with code dream15

Thoth Tarot: The Book of Thoth

78-card art deco style Tarot deck by Aleister Crowley and Lady Freida Harris, originally published in 1969, Large edition

Creator Aleister Crowley and illustrator Lady Freida Harris worked together on this deck, also known as the Book of Thoth, from 1938-1943. It was completed and published in 1969 after their deaths. This deck relies heavily on Egyptian and astrological symbols. Each card has a Hebrew letter and an astrological sign, element, or planet. Crowley published a companion book by the same name in 1944.

Vagabond Wild Tarot

78-card Tarot deck by Tiffany Sosa of Boho and Indie Wild, 1st edition (out of print)

The simple abstract backgrounds allow me to focus on the main image in each card. This is my 2nd deck from Boho and Indie Wild, another vibrantly-colored deck with fantastic holographic edges. The paperback guidebook is included.

The 2nd edition is available for purchase. Check out the Boho and Indie Wild Etsy Shop for readings and creator Tiffany’s other beautiful decks.

Wild Messengers Alchemical Tarot

80-card animal Tarot deck by Lola Pickett and Tanya Casteel, 1st edition, 2019 (out of stock Nov 2020)

This fantastic deck includes “78 wild animals, two mystical creatures, and one mantra card ready to share their wisdom and messages during your readings.” The anti-scratch matte cards are printed with cosmic watercolor-style shimmering animals. The card names are non-gendered, with Queens as Teachers and Kings as Masters. The box and 368-page hardcover guidebook have a holographic rainbow wrap. The guidebook presents fresh mystical perspectives on each card’s interpretation. A 2021 second edition is planned.

Wild Unknown Tarot

78-card Tarot deck drawn in a pen-and-ink sketch style by Kim Krans, 2016

Much of this deck is drawn in black ink with occasional pops of color. The Wild Unknown Tarot features illustrations that are anything but traditional. The feel of the deck is more serious, more pointed than the 78 Tarot Nautical (above). The 200-page hardcover guidebook is beautifully handwritten and is what truly drew me to this deck because it adds a simple yet profound perspective to the card meanings.


Lenormand Decks

Bohemian Wild Lenormand

36-card traditional Lenormand deck in a whimsical cosmic style by Tiffany Sosa of Boho & Indie Wild, 2nd edition (out of print), 2017

The Bohemian Wild Lenormand 2nd edition was my very first Lenormand deck and also my first deck by creator Tiffany Sosa. I found the paperback guidebook ever so helpful, including the keywords and general information. I love the gilded edges and vibrant jewel colors of this deck. This is my favorite Lenormand deck of those in my small collection.

The 3rd edition is available for purchase.

Seventh Sphere Lenormand

36-card Lenormand deck by Tina Gong of Labyrinthos Academy, 2017

This modern Lenormand deck has clean lines on smooth cardstock made from recycled plastic. While the feel of the cards is different than most paper-based cardstock, it is pleasant. This was my first deck from Labyrinthos. One of the ways Lenormand differs from Tarot is that only the main symbol or illustration on the card is important. This deck successfully focuses your attention on the main illustration. Lenormand cards are read in pairs or strings (multiple cards that form a sort of sentence).

Arcana Lenormand de Iris Sacra

36-card vintage-style Lenormand deck by Tina Gong of Labyrinthos Academy, 2020

Arcana Lenormand Iris Sacra translates roughly to “Lenormand Mysteries of the Sacred Rainbow”, according to the creator. This retro 36-card Lenormand deck includes symbolism from the Golden Dawn tradition, astrology, and the Book of Thoth. For me, the small card size adds to the vintage charm, along with the muted colors and stylized art. This is a perfect companion deck to the Arcana Iris Sacra Tarot and the Claves Astrologicae Astrology Oracle decks. Readings with these decks are usually done with the corresponding Tarot cloth (1st & 3rd photos below).

I feel like you are “spot on” regarding my reading. I like that you gave me guidance on what to do as well as what to expect.

“Spot On”

The reading was very detailed and you gave me a lot of helpful and important information. I really appreciate it.

A Lot of Helpful, Important Information


Oracle Decks

Akashic Oracle Deck

48-card watercolor oracle deck by Mel Shapcott, 2017

The Akashic Oracle deck serves as a single-card oracle, created in an art-therapy style. Rather than shuffling, cards from this deck are intended to be chosen by the artwork on the back of the card. These compassionate, encouraging messages are often a great addition to any reading on a difficult subject. There is no guidebook but the unique art plus the text on each card allow for easy interpretation on the spot.

Awakened Soul Oracle Deck

50-card oracle deck by Ethony* Dawn, 2016 and reprinted in 2020

This inclusive, vibrantly-colored deck is “for people who want to see and connect with imagery that resonates with their life”. The rich colors and interesting detail draw me in, while the guidebook adds layers of meaning to each card. See Ethony*’s Full Walkthrough video. Ethony* is the creator of Money Magic Manifestation Cards and the Muses of Tarot Oracle deck.

Claves Astrologicae de Iris Sacra, Astrology Oracle Deck

41-card astrology oracle deck by Tina Gong of Labyrinthos Academy, 2019

According to creator Tina Gong, “Claves Astrologicae de Iris Sacra” roughly translates from Latin as “Astrological Keys of the Sacred Rainbow”. It includes the astrological planets (plus Earth), the signs and houses, moon phases, and eclipses. I use the Claves Astrologicae primarily as a reference and study aid, as much of the Tarot symbolism draws from astrology. For me, the small card size adds to the vintage charm, along with the muted colors and stylized art. This is a companion deck to the Arcana Iris Sacra Tarot above.

[The Tarot reading is] in sync with my frame of mind and reaffirms the best way to harness the energy of the moment.

Aspects to Ponder

My Tarot birth cards reflect quite well my inner self. Your Tarot reading gave me strong hope. Thank you for being encouraging.

Strong Hope


Crystal Grid Oracle Cards

54-card oracle deck by Ashley Leavy, 2015

This simple deck includes 48 beautiful crystal grids for different goals, plus 6 instructional cards with spreads.

Indie Wild Rune Oracle Deck

24-card whimsical rune deck by Tiffany Sosa of Boho and Indie Wild, out of print, 2018?

The Indie Wild Rune Oracle presents each of the 24 traditional Elder Futhark Runes with a corresponding whimsical illustration in card form. While I also have a wonderful set of runestones, the cards are uniformly shaped and sized, allowing me to choose intuitively rather than by the physical feel of the stones. I prefer the cards for some rune readings, especially when reading for others. This is my 3rd deck from Boho and Indie Wild, another thoughtfully-illustrated deck with lovely cosmic backgrounds.

Thank you so much for a good reading.

Thank You So Much

Very professional and clear. Stephanie took the time to explain what the Tarot cards mean for my question, but also their meanings in general.

Detailed, Clear Interpretation


Isis Oracle Deck: Awaken the Priestess Within

44-card Egyptian-themed oracle deck by Alana Fairchild and Jimmy Manton, Pocket Edition, originally published in 2013, Pocket Edition published in 2016 and reprinted in 2020

Similar to the Akashic Oracle deck, each card of the Isis Oracle deck has different artwork printed on the back. Deck creator Alana Fairchild recommends using the deck for single-card draws for “quick and clear guidance”. This deck is easy to read and it aligns with two of my personal beliefs about the importance of building people up honestly and helping them fully accept and honor themselves. There’s no guidebook but each card has both a unique illustration and text, making interpretation quite simple. Read more here.

Mini Moon Deck

10-card black-and-white ink-drawing style moon phase oracle deck by Jo Cauldrick, 2017?

From the creators of the Moon Journal, the Mini Moon Deck is perfect for tracking the current moon phase (8 phases represented) or adding meaning to a reading by layering moon phases for more specific messages. I display the current moon phase, the figure surrounded by the moon in multiple phases (1st card at top L), and the moon phase key on my altar (last card at bottom R).

“Imagine harnessing the power of the moon and her eight main phases to create a more harmonious rhythm in your day to day life. Understanding the Moon will yield magical results for your missions, goals, prosperity and inner peace.” -Jo Cauldrick

Mini Moon Deck by Jo Cauldrick and Moon Wisdom Crystal Set from Goddess Provisions

Modern Goddess Oracle Deck

65-card goddess oracle deck by Ethony*, 2020

This colorful deck includes 49 historical goddesses from many cultures and traditions, along with 16 relatable goddess archetypes. Ethony* presents these figures as powerful in their own right, rather than only important as wife/ daughter/ mother of someone else. The cards have a smooth matte finish with silver metallic edges and stamped silver foil backs. The small paperback guidebook is quite thick and includes helpful keywords and suggestions for each card.

Money Magic Manifestation Cards

48-card financial affirmation deck by Ethony* Dawn, 2nd edition

The Money Magic Manifestation deck offers healing words to increase your abundance mindset. Each small, rainbow-colored card has a simple yet powerful message to improve your financial outlook. I usually use a single card as an affirmation for a financial or career reading. Our financial beliefs and fears affect so many aspects of our lives. There’s no guidebook but there is a code for free access to Ethony*’s course on this deck included.

Muses of Tarot

46-card oracle deck by Ethony* Dawn, 2020

This deck includes 13 Tarot Muses to empower and enhance your Tarot readings. Their areas of assistance range from healing to prosperity to shadow work. This deck is meant to be used alongside the Tarot in a reading. The large paperback guidebook is of good quality and includes the artwork of each card in color along with descriptions, keywords, and related Tarot cards. Ethony* is the creator of the Money Magic Manifestation Cards and the Awakened Soul Oracle deck.

Elder Futhark Runes

Resin-cast botanical rune tiles by Rikki Song (Etsy), 2020

These amazing translucent rune tiles are cast in resin with holographic glitter and botanical inclusions. My custom runes include butterflies and real flowers, and they are an absolute delight to use for readings. They are a perfect addition to any Tarot reading, creating a lens to view your reading or adding another layer of meaning for precision. Multi-talented artist @the.resinwitch on IG is currently focusing on resin-cast trays, jewelry, and items to elevate your practice. The creator, and my sibling, has also produced notable band photography, pastries (especially notable), and props for far-out DragonCon role plays. See their work on IG and Etsy.

Sacred Self-Care Rituals Oracle Deck

55-card oracle deck by Jill Pyle of Goddess Provisions and Tatiana Vedenkina, 1st edition (out of print), 2019

I received this self-care deck in with my fabulous Goddess Box subscription from Goddess Provisions (affiliate link). These cards serve as single-card oracles that prompt us to slow down, breathe, and look after ourselves well. The rainbow-pastel images are soothing. I like including a self-care card in my readings since many of us would do well to practice more self-care. The 2nd edition is available.

Starseed Oracle

53-card mystic oracle deck by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel, 2020

From the creators of the Work Your Light Oracle, this deck features captivating celestial artwork with captions that gently stir something peaceful within. The Starseed Oracle is perfect for readings when you can’t quite capture your thoughts in words or you’re seeking deep validation on a soul level. The larger card size and smooth matte card stock emphasize the artwork. This is one of my favorite Oracle decks, both for the dreamy art and gentle messages.

Save 15% at Danielle Noel creations with code dream15

Universal Mind Oracle

44-card mystical oracle deck (out of print) by Michelle Black, revised 1st edition, 2017

The Universal Mind Oracle features nature and space images that are photo-realistic with dream-like artistic overlays. Creator Michelle Black states she’s “inspired by fantasy, flowers, wildlife, and dreams”. My favorite use of this deck is to draw one card to set the tone for a Tarot reading. This was my very first deck of any kind. Working with these amazing cards inspired me to learn more about cartomancy. The glossy finish made it difficult for me to get clear photos of this gorgeous deck, so please see the great review and photos at Pink Stardust Tarot.

Stephanie, you know they say that we’re exactly where we need to be at the right time and I truly believe that I was led here for a reason. Before I even read what you had wrote, I started crying. I know this is the beginning of something very huge for me in the most… Read More »Exactly What I Needed

Exactly What I Needed

Stephanie Dreams offered interesting insights and information, and was very friendly, helpful, prompt, and knowledgeable

Interesting Insights


Work Your Light Oracle

44-card oracle deck by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel, 2018

Created as a companion to the book Light is the New Black, the Work Your Light Oracle is the first of a series of inspired collaborations between the author and illustrator.

Illustrator Danielle Noel also created the beautiful Starchild Tarot (2012, reprinted 2020) and wrote the 2018 Book of Tarot: A Guide for Modern Mystics.