What to Ask the Cards

“The only questions that really matter are the ones you ask yourself.”

-Ursula Le Guin

Ask Great Questions

Asking great questions produces clear answers. The Tarot cards generally give advice based on the most likely outcome. It’s up to you to decide how to use the guidance you get in a reading. Instead of yes/ no questions, let’s talk about how you can achieve your goals or what you might expect in a certain situation. My focus is on YOU and your steps to meet your goals and become your best self. I don’t read about other people’s actions or private thoughts. I’m happy to help you craft a question that empowers you to manifest your dreams–get in touch.

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Rephrase Your Question for a Useful Answer 

  • Will I ever find love?
    • Problem: the answer is just yes or no. It doesn’t empower you to find what you desire or tell you how to recognize a great partner if you come across one (or some). What if the answer is no? What will you do, just sit home and be miserable? I’m not going to give you a reading that leaves you helpless to improve your circumstances.
    • Instead, try What can I do to improve my chances of finding love this year?
    • Or, How will I know when I meet someone who’d make a great partner?
    • Or even, What may I expect in my love life in the next 6 months?
  • When will I meet my soulmate?
    • Problems: Tarot cards don’t usually give a specific date all the way down to the month, day, and year. Instead they may give more general timeframes such as the season or month an event may happen. AND, if you got a specific date, you might not know whether to sit home and wait or whether to take the trip you have planned for that day.
    • Instead ask, How will I know when I’ve found the right person for me?
    • Or, How can I prepare to be the best possible partner?
  • Will my ex get back with me?
    • Problems: I don’t believe the future is written in stone–we can make different choices to influence the outcome for our good. Either you or the other person could change your mind at any time. Also, they’re your ex for reasons. Please check out They’re Just Not That into You. Another issue is that this question doesn’t respect your awesomeness and your ability to attract a better partner, if you want one (or some).
    • Instead, What may I experience in my love life in the next year?
    • Or, What do I need to know about beginning to date again?
  • What does [person] think of me?
    • Problems: A) Other people’s opinions of you is none of your business. Really. Knowing that doesn’t help you accomplish your goals, which are more important than their opinions. B) What will you do if you learn they don’t care for you? Probably just be self-conscious, right? Why do that to yourself? Please focus on your goals for the relationship rather than someone else’s private thoughts (which I don’t read on).
    • Instead, How can I be my best self with [person]?
    • Or, What can I do to improve our relationship?
    • Or even, What do I need to know about our relationship?

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