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Sample One Question Reading


The 10 of Swords traditionally shows a person face down, stabbed in the back and abandoned. The Suit of Swords represents clear thinking and truthful communication. Swords may be painful since they cut away what’s false. This is a card of betrayal, destruction, and loss. Allow this painful ending to transform your path rather than serving as a final resting place. 

“I put my face in the dirt and finally I see/ the sky that’s been avoiding me.” -Bright Eyes 

In the gentlest way possible, of course you lack clarity and direction when you’re face down in the dirt. The repeated experiences of fear, invalidation, and forced isolation prevented you from rekindling your energetic fire. You can’t light a torch when it’s buried in the cold damp sand. Fortunately, this feeling of being adrift with no way to see any path forward is temporary.

The Way from Here to There

The Page of Swords represents a curious, insightful person applying their intelligence and acting on their thoughts. The Suit of Swords represents clear thinking and truthful communication. The figure in the card confidently holds a sword, perhaps even with some defiance. The sword points to the right, the future. The Page of Swords cautions against being scatterbrained or making unrealistic promises, the shadow side of this card.

The owl seems to be presenting the sword for your use. I sense that cord cutting would be useful for you when you’re ready, likely during the next 5 weeks.
Thurisaz, the Thorn or Thor’s Hammer, represents the strength of giants, tools or weapons, and conflict and breakthrough. It paints a picture of a powerful warrior with awareness and wisdom for the battle. Further, this concept is best approached with enthusiasm as it awakens one’s will to action and breaks resistant blockages in the mind, body, and spirit.

This is another tool and weapon placed at your disposal. Even greater than the sword’s ability to cut through barriers, Mjolnir employs supernatural strength to strike down enemies. I sense a person with a machete cutting through thorns and weeds to reach a better path. 


Moving from the Sun’s radiance into the cold darkness of the 10 of Swords feels defeating and deadening. The Page’s sword and the Hammer present tools to break away from the heaviness though. Taking up the Knight’s wand, you’ll be revisiting earlier passions and creative pursuits you found fulfilling. 

Sample Samhain 9-Card Reading

Hello Taylor, and thank you for supporting my mission to share peace and clarity through Tarot! 

In this reading, I’ll share each card’s general meaning, then describe the card’s specific message for you at this time. Please note that while I don’t read reversed cards, I include the reversed meanings or shadow aspects in my card explanations.


My intention for your Samhain Reading is to provide clear messages you can use to understand your situation and to move forward on your chosen path. Samhain is an ancient festival marking the final harvest before Winter. It’s considered an ideal time to honor and connect with our ancestors. Many people also use this Autumn season to finalize and clear out anything that no longer serves their highest good, such as excess possessions, unwanted group commitments, and emotional ties to old relationships. 

Your Jack o’ Lantern guidance is to allow your emotional intelligence to passively attract others to your cause. Your Crystal Ball shows a time of contemplation and improving your strategy. Your Spirit Guide, the Empress, invites you to create by engaging in a confident stillness. The Ghostly Apparition protecting you is the deception that you’re not willing to exercise your power to influence a situation in your favor. 

Your Cards

Decks used: Arcana Iris Sacra, Muses of Tarot, and Indie Wild Rune Oracle

Total Tarot cards: 9 # of Cups (Emotions): 0

# of Major Arcana: 2 # of Pentacles (Body, wealth): 2

# of Court cards: 1 # of Swords (Thoughts, power): 2

Repeating Numbers: 3, 9 # of Wands (Energy, motivation): 3

Major Arcana cards: Empress (3) – Abundance, Death (13) – Endings

Court cards: Queen of Wands – Creative vision

Your Messages

For your Samhain 9-Card Reading, I drew 9 Tarot cards and 2 Rune Oracle cards, accompanied by Veilia, the Tarot Muse of Mediumship and the Third Eye Chakra for intuition and clear messages. 

  1. The Jack o’ Lantern – Your guide for the next 6 weeks: Queen of Wands 

The Queen of Wands, the creative visionary, teaches us to engage our passions, channeling strong will power toward what lights us up. The Queens of the Tarot show us how to leverage our experience and abilities to accomplish great success. Use your powers of magnetic attraction and creative vision to accomplish your goal. Beware jealousy and intolerance (the controlling, egotistical lover archetype).

Sample Career Reading

Alex, you asked next, “Will this be the right move for me now?”. The Page of Crystals
(Pentacles) is a fortunate person who is happiest in familiar surroundings. This card asks
how you can improve your home or finances-–perhaps organizing, turning a hobby into a
paid side job, or simply rearranging for better flow through your home. The Suit of
Pentacles concerns career, finances, home, and the physical body. Pages require more
education and experience to prepare for the Knight’s adventure. Beware a lack/ survival
mindset and resistance to change. Apply this card to your situation by taking a beginner’s
mindset for a new perspective.
You have many marketable skills and talents (Pentacles pun intended). You also have a
great deal of experience exercising your abilities in profitable manner. To answer your
question, yes, seeing more clients will be the right move if you approach it with the fresh
perspective of the Hanged Person and an openness to new ideas from someone unexpected.
While I don’t generally see the court cards representing their traditional age groups in my
readings (I see them more often as personality traits), in this case, listen when younger
folks, potentially even people with no experience in your field, join the conversation
regarding your business.
For your final question, “Will [this career option] be financially successful for me, between
now and the beginning of 2021, say February?”, I drew the Magician. The Magician (1)
teaches us to use the tools we already have to create what we desire. By focusing carefully
on the life you want and making decisions that support it, you’ll align your actions and
intentions for your highest good.
Again, you’re familiar with using your expertise to create value for others. Remember the
Magician traditionally has all 4 tools/ suits on the table in front of him at the same level. To
answer your question, yes, seeing more clients again will be financially successful in the near
future if you thoughtfully balance your energies. Too much fire, water, earth, or air can ruin
anything. I feel there’s a person who recognizes when you’re exercising too much of one
over the other and speaks up, even if the message isn’t well-timed or well-delivered. Take
care in this area and you’ll enjoy the benefits of diversifying your work again without
overloading your schedule.

Thank you so much for a good reading.

Thank You So Much

Thank you for the Tarot reading. You’re right, I should trust myself.

Trust myself

Thanks for a great positive reading. This is really interesting. It gives me lots to think about.

Great, positive reading

I feel very guided and supported, which is why I requested this reading. I feel like you care for your role in reading the Tarot and that is very honourable.

Tuned in to Higher Wisdom


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