Summer of Love (and Tarot)

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Loving Your Tarot and Oracle Cards

Today we’re going over ways to get closer to your deck(s), new or old, Tarot or oracle.

Speed Dating
Go through and look at each card. (I usually do this twice for a new deck–once to see the cards, then again paying attention to how I feel about each card. You can also do this with a deck you haven’t used in a while.)

Notice any strong reactions, good or bad? Place the cards you like best in one pile and any cards you dislike into another. Get out some paper or a journal if you like, then go through the first stack.

Ask yourself the following questions, and make note of your answers. You’re the expert on whether you like something or not, so there are no wrong answers here. We’ll use them later for “Quality Time”.

  • What do you like about the card? Is it the overall style, its’ meaning, or certain things or colors you see in the card?
  • Does the card remind you of someone or something positive? What specifically about that person or thing?
  • What’s the overall energy of this card? How could you use this energy in your life? Or where would you like it to show up?

Ya’ll Got Problems
For the second stack, the cards you disliked, we’re going to use similar questions. Again, please jot down your answers.

  • What do you dislike about this card? Is it the style of artwork, what it stands for, or certain objects or colors?
  • Does the card have a clear meaning? (No need to look it up right now, just note your answer.)
  • Does the card remind you of someone or something? What specifically about that person or thing? Is there an old situation you need to forgive? A habit you’d like to break?
  • What’s the overall energy of this card? In what area could you use less of that?

Thank U, Next
Before moving on to spending “Quality Time” with your deck, take the time to interview it. Really get to know it. Certain decks are better for specific topics and many decks have a different “tone”. For example, my 78 Tarot Nautical deck is more descriptive and the Wild Unknown Tarot is more blunt and to the point. Here are 2 spreads to try.

Mat Auryn’s Interview Your Tarot Deck Spread for new decks, plus an example reading

Get to Know Me Tarot Spread at to learn more about a new deck

Quality Time
First, choose one of the cards you like best from your deck. Place it where you’ll see it often, for a day or for the whole week. Use it as a reminder of what you want more of in your life, or just a reminder of something you enjoy. If you want, you can continue setting out one card a day or each week.

And a Makeover
Now, pick up one card you didn’t connect with or just plain didn’t like. Look at the card for a bit, maybe 2 or 3 minutes. If you were the artist, how might you change this card? Can you choose another meaning for it based on what you see? If you were reading for a friend and this card came up, how could this card be useful to them? Remember these are your cards and you can interpret them how you wish. Even if you don’t “love” this card now, you’ve got a few ways to deal that keep you in charge.

Tarot and oracle decks stored in their original boxes, a deck wrap (top center), velvet pouch (top L), and an organza drawstring pouch (bottom R)

Will There Be a Second Date?
Totally up to you. I dare you to go exclusive with your deck. For a week, a month, or just for a few readings, set your goal and use this deck every time. After the time is up, decide if this is a deck you want to continue using. If so, show it some love by choosing how to store it. I use the original box if it’s sturdy, a deck wrap (for a few special decks), or an organza drawstring bag (so I can see what’s inside). If not, perhaps you can pass it on to someone else. There are also card swap groups online, so maybe you can get a new-to-you deck instead.