Behind the Scenes

See my Tarot reading space, learn my process, and get details on how I read the cards.

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10 Questions to Get to Know Your Tarot Reader

Meet your Tarot Reader. Details about my Tarot readings, philosophy, and history -10 Questions Every Tarot Reader Must Answer

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I don’t read for timing of future events because I believe everyone involved has free will to make choices that would affect the outcome. Anyone may choose a different path than expected at any time. I’m happy to read on steps you can take toward your goals in these situations though. For example, if your […]

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Ready to make your life bloom?

Welcome! I’m Stephanie and I believe the Tarot is a powerful tool to understand a situation and explore our options. Rather than telling the future or answering yes/ no questions, Tarot helps us consider and choose our best path. I provide encouraging, coaching-style readings by email. Request your reading now and let’s get started creating your best path! “The cards […]

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