Behind the Scenes

Tarot cloth and crystals set up for Tarot, Lenormand, and Oracle card reading

My Tarot reading space, my process, and details on how I read the cards My Reading Space Here's my reading space: a perfectly-sized black armoire desk that closes--perfect for preventing kitties from stealing crystals and whatnot. I appreciate the shelves, drawer, and space for books and notebooks since functional organization makes me happy. Most of … Continue reading Behind the Scenes

10 Questions to Get to Know Your Tarot Reader

How did you become a Tarot reader? Were you mentored or self-taught? While I've sensed things I wasn't told and didn't physically see since I was a small child, I was born quite socially awkward. Both my parents are caring, intelligent folk, though I didn't gain a great deal of social or emotional intelligence from … Continue reading 10 Questions to Get to Know Your Tarot Reader

Ready to make your life bloom?

Welcome! I'm Stephanie and I believe the Tarot is a powerful tool to understand a situation and explore our options. Rather than telling the future or answering yes/ no questions, Tarot helps us consider and choose our best path. I provide encouraging, coaching-style readings by email. Request your reading now and let's get started creating your best path! “The cards … Continue reading Ready to make your life bloom?