March Full Moon Tarot Guidance

Full Moon Tarot guidance for March 2021 using the Ritual Deck and Starchild Tarot in a new Full Moon spread created by Stephanie Dreams Tarot.

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To Use or Not to Use – Spreads

Do you prefer using set spreads or making up your own? Thoughts on using spreads and a New Moon in Pisces spread by Ethony*.

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Eclipsing the Burnout

14 Dec 2020 – Today’s total solar eclipse and New Moon in Sagittarius plus Tarot spreads to clarify your experience

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Guidance for Today

Your messages from the cards on adapting using what you’ve learned, balancing your emotions, and choosing a strategy.

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Full Moon in Gemini Tarot Spreads

November Tarot reading giveaway winner, next chance to win a Tarot reading for December 2020, and Full Moon in Gemini spreads

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