Take a Breath, Start Again

selective focus photo of love letter

Fall apart, count to 10. Take a breath, start again.

Here’s a personal update. I recently shared that I’d be reducing the time and expenses spent on my Tarot work to a more manageable amount. After a frank discussion with some dear friends, I’ll be shifting my approach to reach people who like what I’m sharing and want more. Beginning today, I’m getting back to posting at least once weekly on Mondays and emailing you on Tuesdays.

I very much appreciate you for reading, liking, and sharing. I love reading Tarot for others and it’s super fun to share new decks and what I’m learning with you. The problem is that I’m struggling to connect with the right Tarot clients and have been for some time. My business costs far outweigh any income. That’s not the part that troubles me, though.

What’s been keeping me up at night is that when clients aren’t receiving Tarot readings, I’m not sharing my gifts. I’m good at supporting others to make meaningful changes in their lives using the Tarot. I help others to feel truly heard and validated. I’m also wired to help solve problems in a way that empowers the person seeking a solution. I say all of this because I’m certain that these gifts are meant to be shared, not kept to myself. When something is weighing heavily on your mind, I want to be here to help you sort through your feelings and thoughts. I want to support you through tough decisions and times when you’re not sure which path to take next.

In an effort to give you more of that support, I’ll be diving into more weekly and monthly readings with you. I’ll be more open about my adventures. And I’ll share more of my challenges and how I’m attempting to solve them. My desire is to share more guidance with you when you need it, using the Tarot. Thank you so much for reading.