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What’s Included

Basic Course

  • 4-week video-based course, released a week at a time
  • Course hub with all your links in one place for easy access
  • All lesson replays available in the course hub
  • Workbook for each lesson to reinforce your new knowledge and skills
  • Tarot card meaning keywords to spark your learning
  • Our own Discord server to chat about all things Tarot, plus Lenormand/ oracle/ anything else


All students in this round will receive the bonuses below. 

  • BONUS 1: Class on the Power of Your Words
  • BONUS 2: Moon Phases for Tarot Readers Class
  • BONUS 3: A 3-Card Detailed Video Reading to use anytime during the course! Whoo!
  • BONUS 4: 30% off my next course, Tarot Freestyle, an intermediate mini-course on reading confidently without a spread

Basic Course Pay in 5 Plan

Upgrade Your Learning Experience

Platinum Course Package

  • Basics plus…
  • Cheat sheets (the real tl:dr) for all 15 lessons + bonus classes for quick reference
  • Platinum-only voice & text chat channels on our Discord server
  • Two (2) 20-minute 1:1 sessions for use anytime during the course
  • Weekly Quiz-the-Coach LIVE sessions to answer all your burning questions from that week’s lessons

Platinum Package BONUSES

Platinum students ALSO receive these additional bonuses.

  • BONUS 5: Access to Learn + Freebies, my curated collection of free Tarot resources, including free printable decks, 235+ FREE Tarot spreads, and other fun freebies
  • BONUS 6: A 6-Card Custom Video Tarot Session, my signature offering, to use anytime during the course! YESSS!
  • LEVEL UP: 50% off my next course, Tarot Freestyle, an intermediate mini-course on reading confidently without a spread

Platinum Course Package Pay in 5 Plan


I get it. There are some shady people out there. I can give you my word that’s not what’s up here. But, I’m giving you even more.

I’m including a 48-hour, 100% full money back guarantee.

If, for any reason, you realize Tarot Foundations is not what you thought it was within your first 48 hours of joining, all you need to do is email me at contact -at- dreamstarot com and I will promptly refund every single dollar you invested. 

I want you to invest in this program absolutely risk-free with peace of mind knowing you’re fully protected.


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