Straight to the Point

Stephanie provided me a lot of insight for the questions I asked. It’s given me a lot to think about and really assess my current situation. There was not sugar coating to make the reading “lighter”. Stephanie’s reading was detailed and straight to the point.

LT in the US

Answered What I Needed to Know

Stephanie Dreams answered my question fully, the response mirrored my own thoughts on where we find ourselves. Sometimes all we need is for someone to confirm or reflect back our own thoughts on a situation, obviously it was pleasing that the cards indicated potential success if we follow this route, but not without serious effort on our behalf.

Many thanks to you Stephanie Dreams for the reading. Obviously, I appreciated hearing there was potential for success in following this route, but the reading also confirmed the work involved is also about looking at ourselves. It was interesting how the cards/you picked up on something nibbling away at my partner, this is very true and they would greatly benefit from doing some probably quite extensive personal development dealing with some very long-standing issues. However, as you quite correctly stated, there would be nothing to gain in trying to push my partner into something they are not ready for and doing things that they enjoy that both ground and balance them is important. This was a good bit of insight.

The reading was concise and answered what I needed to know in a matter of fact way, whilst also giving me some important things to think about regarding my husband and what may be important moving forward.

The questions that I asked really just needed pretty straight forward answers, which is what you gave me.


A Lot to Ponder

Dear Stephanie, Thank you for taking the time to read for me. I found a lot to ponder in what you wrote. For example my feeling is that I [will] be very gentle in talking to my sister Julie. Mostly though our talks are one-sided as, [she] is not Communicating hardly at all. I agree that she needs to process her feelings and come to a resolution. My concern for her is that she is in a dark hole and needs help to begin to climb out. In the past I might have told her what I Wanted her to do and eve feel. But through my own spiritual practice I have been able to resist thinking I know what is in her highest interest. I feel that you read that as well… Thanks again for your reading. It has helped a lot. Blessings. Stephanie had insights and sensitivity that really helped.

-PP in Australia

Tuned in to Higher Wisdom

WOW. This is a wonderful reading. The way you split the reading was masterful. Your energy, the way I feel; when I read this, I can tell you are tuned in to higher wisdom. I feel relief because this resonates so strongly and it was just what I needed to hear. I do feel like I am giving to my boss sometimes, but she is lovely and beautiful and she has given so much to people and I think she needed someone generous to restore her trust in the universe. And I am receiving so much by being there as well. It is also useful to see change on the horizon and if anything it makes me more motivated to work hard and get as much out of this experience as I can! I am exposed to some really wonderful clients and I will be aware of any possible opportunities that might come up, so thank you. That is so nice. I feel very guided and supported, which is why I requested this reading. I feel like you care for your role in reading the Tarot and that is very honourable. Great. Keep it up and excited to see your impact on the world.

-S in Australia

Immediately Felt You Knew Me

Told me to follow my intuition, but sometimes I don’t trust myself… So I’m still a little insecure about what to do… But I know in the heart that’s exactly what I need to do. You [caught] my attention with the “awakening” you mentioned at the beginning. I immediately felt you knew me cause that’s what I’m going through rn. And the advice about letting him know how I should be treated… I wouldn’t have noticed the guy has a little bit of trouble figuring out how to treat a lady. Thank you! It was a great reading.

-LF in Mexico

Completely Agree

Great verbiage. I completely agree with the reading! I’m giving too much power to the anxiety that’s manifesting itself . What I most valued about this reading is seeing the cards.

-S in the US

Detailed, Clear Interpretation

Her reading format was very professional and her interpretation of the cards she pulled were clear and easy to understand! In addition, she made sure to summarize so that I don’t get lost in her explanations – it was straight to the point and very detailed. Even for the cards, she took the time to explain what they mean for my question, but also their meanings in general, which can help people who are new to Tarot to understand the cards better. You completely gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward. What I most appreciated is her detailed and clear interpretation.

-N in Canada

Very Thorough

Stephanie’s reading answered all of my questions. Her answers were straight to the point, but she also emphasized that I needed to put in the work to answer other questions I had. My focus was on the clarification. Her cards confirmed that the path I was heading towards was the right path. Stephanie was very thorough! I know a little bit about the cards and the suits, but she provided background prior to the reading or message. Most people don’t understand anything about the cards, so it’s important to give some brief information. [She] might consider [clarifying] if she reads her cards in the upright or reverse and why. Overall, amazing reading, thank you!

-LJ in the US