Interesting Insights

Stephanie Dreams offered interesting insights and information, and was very friendly, helpful, prompt, and knowledgeable

Straight to the Point

There was no sugar coating to make the reading “lighter”. Stephanie’s reading was detailed and straight to the point.

Answered What I Needed to Know

The reading was concise and answered what I needed to know in a matter of fact way, whilst also giving me some things that may be important moving forward.

A Lot to Ponder

Thank you for taking the time to read for me. I found a lot to ponder in what you wrote. Stephanie had insights and sensitivity that really helped.

Tuned in to Higher Wisdom

I feel very guided and supported, which is why I requested this reading. I feel like you care for your role in reading the Tarot and that is very honourable.

Immediately Felt You Knew Me

You [caught] my attention with the “awakening” you mentioned at the beginning. I immediately felt you knew me cause that’s what I’m going through rn.

Completely Agree

Great verbiage. I completely agree with the reading! What I most valued about this reading is seeing the cards.