Answered What I Needed to Know

Stephanie Dreams answered my question fully, the response mirrored my own thoughts on where we find ourselves. Sometimes all we need is for someone to confirm or reflect back our own thoughts on a situation, obviously, it was pleasing that the cards indicated potential success if we follow this route, though not without serious effort on our behalf.

Many thanks to you for the reading. It was interesting how the cards/ you picked up on something nibbling away at my partner, this is very true and they would greatly benefit from doing some personal development dealing with long-standing issues. However, as you quite correctly stated, there would be nothing to gain in trying to push my partner into something they are not ready for. This was a good bit of insight.

The reading was concise and answered what I needed to know in a matter of fact way, whilst also giving me some important things to think about moving forward. The questions that I asked really just needed straight forward answers, which is what you gave me.