Deep Knowing of Issues Not Expressed

Stephanie, thank you for the time, energy and spirit you infused into this reading, it is greatly appreciated. I was moved to tears as I read your words. The clarity with which you expressed your insight from this reading allowed for few words to have a powerful effect. Literally every single one of your interpretations of the cards and the words of wisdom that follow in this reading speak to a deep knowing of issues I had not expressed to you prior and reaffirms that indeed I do need to allow my intuitive side to lead me forward.

I also love the deck you used and feel connected to it. I love how you used my birth cards as a part of this reading given the content and think that the choice to do so was an inspiring addition and spot on. You have such clear insights and write beautifully. I plan to print this reading and come back to it often given the emotional impact it has had on me so I thank you for this guidance. I also love how you chose the number 6 for the number of cards read because the number six to me represents an ascension from struggle and given the card you pulled for my current situation, the Hanged Man, and my ambivalence going forward, it was a poetic choice whether consciously or not. I have no doubt your intuition chose this number for a reason and that number speaks mountains to me that this time will pass, that I will ascend from this confusion.

Once again, thank you for this beautiful, inspiring, emotional, clear and insightful reading. I hope you never question your intuition, your power, your subtle yet powerful stabilizing presence. I hope one day in the future I have the pleasure of crossing paths with you or even the honor of being able to get another reading from you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sending you lots of love and light on this full moon, sister.

Freedom in New York, USA